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As a professional TV installation company, we work with many clients for TV installation projects. Once in a while, though, we get some questions from new clients about our services, so today we’re going to tackle a few of them right here on our blog!

Professional TV Installation: Answering Your FAQs About Our Service

Q: Do You Offer Installation in My Area?

A: We currently offer TV installation and art installation services to most of southwest Florida. If you have a question about your specific area of South West Florida or a particular service that you need, give us a call at 239-682-1077.

Q: How Quickly Can You Install My TV For Me?

A: The best way to find out how soon we can get your TV installed is to give us a call! We always schedule our clients with the soonest and most convenient appointment for them, but once in a while we may have space in our schedule, so don’t hesitate to call any time you need us!

Q: How Long Will My Appointment Take?

A: To find out an approximate timeframe for your installation project, ask when you call to make your appointment. Each appointment is going to differ based on how much work needs to be done on your project – for example, an outdoor TV installation may take longer than an indoor on-wall installation of your TV. Rest assured, though, our installation technicians always work as efficiently as possible to be sure that your installation is done properly but without wasting any of your time.

Q: Can You Provide Services That Aren’t Listed On Your Site?

A: If you need a specific service included with your installation that you don’t see listed on our website, give us a call and let us know what you need. There are some add-on services that we can add into your installation package if you let us know ahead of time, but there are some additional services that we are not able to offer. Please be sure to check with our technicians ahead of time about these add-ons when you make your appointment, not when our technician shows up for your appointment. Different jobs require different tools and parts and without notifying us what you need ahead of time, your technician may show up without the necessary parts for the job!

Q: Can I Cancel My Appointment?

A: We understand that things sometimes happen and if you need to cancel and reschedule your appointment, give us a call ahead of time and we’ll help you to take care of it. If you have to make a last-minute cancellation please give us a call as soon as possible, but know that you may incur a cancellation fee. Why do we charge a cancellation fee for last-minute cancellations? Because when you call at the last minute to cancel your appointment our technicians have still prepared for your appointment and cancelling at the last minute does not give us enough time to schedule another client in your timeslot. This means that our technician is working without working which means that they must be paid for their time.

Q: Will You Bring a TV Mount to Mount My TV?

A: No, but let us tell you why…

The type of mount you use for your television is largely down to personal preference.

Yes, you have to get a mount that is compatible with your TV size and weight, BUT there is a lot more to it than that.

There are TV mounts that tilt only, mounts that swivel only, mounts that are fully moveable…the mount type that you choose is up to you and your needs! We can’t make that choice for you. Additionally, if we carried TV mounts of all types and for all TV sizes, we’d need to move to a facility that’s exponentially bigger than our facility now!

If you do have questions about what TV mount to get, the best way to find out which one is right for you is to do plenty of research! Search online for customer reviews and talk to the staff at the electronics store to ask for their recommendations on the products that they carry.

Looking For Professional TV Installation in Southwest Florida?

If you’re looking for professional TV installation in Southwest Florida, Gulf Coast Installs can help! Just give us a call today at 239-682-1077 to make an appointment with our technicians when it’s convenient for you!