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When it comes to professional TV installation, FL residents trust Gulf Coast Installs. Over the years, Gulf Coast Installations have served clients all over south west Florida. If you were to ask what they love most about our services, most of those clients would tell you that it’s our professional level of service. We have to admit, we put a lot of work into ongoing training for our installation technicians! And we have seen some awful endings to some DIY projects and had to fix them! That’s why today we want to share a few of the reasons why you should leave the TV installation to the pros.

Professional TV Installation FL – 5 Reasons To Leave it to the Pros

1. The Final Job Will Look Cleaner

You may not think about what the final job will look like while you are cutting holes for cables and mounting your TV bracket, but once you are done, you will certainly notice if you cut a hole too big for your cables or had to remount the bracket because it was crooked! Let a professional do the job for you and you can be sure that everything will be neat and tidy when your install is complete!

2. “Because I Want it There” Isn’t the Best Reason to Choose a Place to Mount Your TV!

You may have decided that you want to mount your TV on one wall in particular because you think it will look best there. This isn’t necessarily the best way to decide where to mount your TV! Professional TV installers know what technical specifications to consider before choosing a spot to mount your TV, from the lighting, to the glare from a window, to which wall is able to support a large television!

3. It Isn’t a One-Person Job!

If you like to take on jobs around the house on your own, this is the time to reconsider. Wall mounting a television is not a job for one person! You will need someone to help you to judge whether you are mounting your bracket on the level and you will certainly need help to mount your TV! Call on the professionals and let them take care of the job for you so that you don’t have to worry about a thing!

4. It’s Not Just Screwing a Mount Into the Wall

Mounting your TV on the wall isn’t just about screwing a mount into the wall! You have to make sure that you have the right sized mount and that your TV mount is anchored into the wall and not just screwed into the drywall! We have seen far too many accidents that have happened when people try to mount their TV by simply screwing the TV mount into the drywall – let’s just say that the result is always absolute disaster! We can’t say that we could fix the hole in the wall, but we could help to mount their new TV’s once the mess got all cleaned up!

Instead of having to experience this type of disaster for yourself, leave the job to the pros and we will make sure that the job gets done right the first time around!

5. Behind Wall Cabling Isn’t Easy

Running cabling behind the wall isn’t easy, many people think that it’s just a matter of drilling a hole into the wall and feeding a cable through. That isn’t the case. There are many things to consider when it comes to running cabling behind the wall – for example, you have to know where you are drilling that hole to feed the cable through. The last thing you want to do is drill a hole into a pipe or electrocute yourself by hitting wiring!

If you decide not to run wiring behind the wall, it’s equally important that you run wiring properly so that you don’t pull the cables too tight. You also need to run cables so that they don’t look awful running along the walls and ceiling. If you let the pros take care of it, we can run cable covers so that you don’t even see the cables once installation is finished!

Looking For Professional TV Installation in FL?

If you live in south west Florida and are looking for professionals to help with your TV installation, our team can help! Just give us a call today to make an appointment that’s convenient for you!