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If you have moved into your new place and are debating wall mounting your TV, don’t forget to invest in a few accessories to clean up your TV area. There are plenty of TV wall mount accessories to choose from, but at Gulf Coast Installations, we have been installing wall mounted televisions for over twenty years, and we recommend investing in these five accessories.

TV Wall Mount Accessories You Should Consider Before Installation

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A Wall Mounted Shelf

There are many different wall-mounted shelf styles to choose from, you can go with a small shelf that holds just a gaming console, or you can go with a full-sized entertainment center shelf that sits underneath your television. The latter of these two is more akin to the traditional entertainment center, but it looks like it is floating – this is also why it is sometimes called a floating TV shelf or floating TV stand.

Wall-mounted shelves run the gamut as far as pricing goes, and they are available in every color you can imagine, so it isn’t hard to find one that fits in with your home decor. If you shop somewhere like Ikea, you can also find wall-mounted shelves with unique finishes like their red lacquer style finish.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a wall-mounted shelf is the weight of the items you will be putting onto it. Remember that wall-mounted shelves have a weight limit, and so does your wall! If you don’t have a professional install your wall-mounted floating shelf, be sure to anchor it properly to prevent it from pulling down your drywall!

An In-Wall Cable Management Kit

Very few people think about in-wall cable management kits, but they are a great investment for anyone considering a TV wall-mount setup.

The first reason to invest in in-wall cable management is that you want that smooth, clean look to your finished entertainment center. The chances are that if you are considering a TV wall mount setup, you are interested in keeping things looking clean and perhaps minimalistic. Adding in-wall cable management ensures that your TV cables get stored behind the wall instead of you having to invest in cable covers that go on the outside of the wall and are still slightly noticeable.

The second reason to add an in-wall cable management kit is that it organizes all your electronic cables. Cable organization is crucial because it ensures that you can easily find the electronic cable that needs replacing if you have to replace one if, for example, you upgrade your HDMI cable.

In-wall cabling also allows you to install longer cables than you might need to make sure that no electronic cables get pulled too tightly, causing your electronics to come crashing down.

A Cable Box Mount

Not everyone wants to use a wall-mounted shelf – or, if they do, they might have too many components to fit on the shelf size they feel comfortable buying. The answer to this problem of limited display space is a cable box mount underneath your television.

A cable box mount is a small metal bracket that attaches to your television mount. This type of shelf was designed specifically to fit cable boxes when they were more a popular fixture in homes.

We know that not many people utilize a traditional cable box anymore, but you might also find that the size and shape of this type of bracket is the perfect size for a gaming console or stereo receiver.

If you do decide to invest in a cable box mount, be sure that you measure the metal mount before purchase so you can be confident that it fits your needs.

A Soundbar Mount

Where a cable box mount may not be as popular, a soundbar mount certainly is. Many people have invested in a soundbar for their home entertainment system, and the usual place for this bar is directly in front of the television. Now, if your television is wall mounted, setting a soundbar in front of it is impossible. Fortunately, soundbar mounts exist.

A soundbar mount is available in two basic styles – a two-bracket set and a single piece.

A two-bracket soundbar mount is exactly what it sounds like – two brackets that mount to the back of the wall-mounted television or that affix directly to the wall. These mounts are more versatile because they allow you to set the spacing of the brackets to fit your soundbar.

A single-piece soundbar mount is a one-piece mount that affixes to the back of the wall-mounted television. This type of soundbar mount can resemble a shelf, or it can be more enclosed.

As with other types of mounts, it is crucial to measure your soundbar to ensure that your soundbar mount fits the soundbar you have. You should also keep in mind that you cannot install a soundbar mount if you have another type of mount directly underneath your wall-mounted television.

A Cable Hider

A cable hider is a less intrusive solution to in-wall wiring for renters who cannot drill into the walls of their homes. A cable hider is a thin strip of plastic that covers wiring that runs along your wall, and makes it less detectable.

Cable hiders are usually available in black and white and sometimes come in beige.

Cable hiders are an affordable cable management solution, but they are not flawless. You must choose in-wall wiring if you want flawless electronic cable management and coverage.

Need a Pro To Install Your TV Wall Mount and Accessories?

If you live in or around Naples, Florida, or Fort Myers, Florida, and need a professional to help with the installation of your TV wall mount and accessories, our team can help! At Gulf Coast Installations, we have provided installation services to southwest Florida since 1999 and would be happy to help with your installation job too.

Call our team here at Gulf Coast Installations today at (239)682-1077, and let us know how we can help with your TV installation needs.