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As a leading Marco Island TV installation company, here at Gulf Coast Installations, we help many of our clients with tv installation whether they are interested in wall mounting their TV or using an entertainment center. Today we want to share some of the pros and cons of each TV installation method to help you to decide which one is right for you!

Marco Island TV Installation: Entertainment Center Vs Wall Mounting

TV Wall Mounting

TV wall mounting involves the installation of a TV mounting bracket on the wall of your home so that the television can be affixed to the wall via the bracket.


  • Wall mounting your television offers an expanded field of vision so that more people can view the television screen clearly.
  • Wall mounting your television also allows you to change the angle of your television for more comfortable viewing in the entire room.
  • Wall mounting your television often allows for more comfortable viewing because it allows you to mount your television at the ideal height for viewing without straining your neck.
  • Using a wall mount for your television allows you to alter the height of your television depending on what is comfortable for different viewers in your home. For example, a much taller person would be more comfortable with the TV at a higher point than a shorter person who would be more comfortable with the TV at a lower point.
  • A TV wall mount is more affordable than a high quality entertainment center.
  • Wall mounting your TV keeps it off ground level which can be a better option for families with younger children.
  • Wall mounting a television frees up more floor space so that you can create more functional space in your home. This is particularly helpful if you have a small space.


  • Wall mounting your television does not provide you with the storage space that an entertainment center would. This means that you will have to invest in storage furniture or shelving for TV components like your cable box as well as any DVDs or CDs.
  • Installing a television mount means having to screw hardware into the wall of your home which may not be possible if you are renting your home.
  • Wall mounting your television requires strategic wiring if you don’t want to see the wiring hanging down from the wall. This means hiding wiring behind the walls (often not possible if you rent a property), or running cable covers to hide the cables from view.
  • If not installed by an experienced professional, wall mounted televisions can pose a risk of falling.

Entertainment Center Installation

Entertainment center TV installation is the setup of your television on an entertainment center or other hard surface such as a tabletop.


  • Using an entertainment center for the installation of your television gives you the opportunity to add to your room furnishings. So, if you have a larger room that is looking quite empty, adding an entertainment center could help to fill up the room a little more!
  • Entertainment centers offer convenient storage for other electronic components as well as media like DVDs and CDs.
  • Having an entertainment center also gives you a good option for hiding cables if you aren’t able to use more invasive methods like running cables behind the walls of your home. Entertainment centers are also an aesthetically pleasing alternative to cable covers if you don’t have to run cables over a longer distance in your home.
  • Entertainment centers are available in various styles and colors so they can be customized to your dĂ©cor.


  • If you live in a smaller space, adding an entertainment center can cause your space to look even smaller.
  • If you have smaller children, some entertainment centers pose a risk of falling if not anchored to the wall properly.
  • An entertainment center is not always the right height for optimal viewing without straining your neck.
  • A good quality entertainment center can be much more costly than a wall mounting bracket.

Looking For Marco Island TV Installation Professionals?

Are you looking for Marco Island TV installation professionals to help with your TV installation? Gulf Coast Installations can help! To make an appointment with one of our experienced technicians just give us a call today at (239)-682-1077!