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Many TV install technicians don’t want you to know these five things, but at Gulf Coast Installations, we think you should know them because you deserve to have an installation company you can trust…one that doesn’t do any of the following!

TV Install Technicians and Installation Companies Won’t Tell You These Five Things!

1. They Don’t Always Run Background Checks

At Gulf Coast Installations, we take the security, comfort, and privacy of our clients exceptionally seriously. We also put a lot of stock in our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy business. For these reasons (and because it’s ethically right!), we run complete background checks on every one of our employees. We know that you put a lot of trust in us when you invite our technicians into your home and we never want to betray that trust. Unfortunately, not all installation companies are as ethical!

2. Your Tech Just Wants to Get Out of There!

Many installation companies work differently to us here at Gulf Coast Installations. Instead of setting up appointments like we do, other companies encourage their technicians to cram as many jobs as possible into a single day. This causes problems because it means that technicians are going to push to get through each appointment as quickly as possible so that they can work more jobs to earn more money. At Gulf Coast Installations, we believe in paying our technicians a fair wage to begin with and using an appointment system ensures that every one of our clients gets our full attention during their appointment time. We think it’s only fair that you’re paying for our techs to come to you and complete a job, they should complete that job to the best of their skill and not make you feel uncomfortable or rushed during that time. You are a valuable client and you should be treated like one.

3. The Last Time Their Techs Went To School Was…

At Gulf Coast Installations, we know that the world is constantly changing and technology is one of the fastest-changing aspects of it! This is why we ensure that all of our technicians stay up to date on the current tech through ongoing education. We will never send a technician to your home to install your TV if we don’t know that they are staying on top of their education. Why is it so important? Well, you wouldn’t pay for a television and expect to be given a television that was a decade old, would you? The way we see it, you’re paying for our services and it’s our job to provide you with the most up to date services available. Sadly, not all other companies think that way and their techs haven’t brushed up on their training in quite a long while!

4. They Install and Go

Most installation companies (for reasons we have already covered) will rush through you’re installation and once the basic premise of the installation is complete, they will leave. At Gulf Coast, we don’t believe in running out on a job right after the basic installation part is done. We finish your installation and then make sure that your remote is set up, that everything is working, and our techs will even give you a quick lesson on how to use the new setup. After all, what’s the use in having a new system set up if you don’t know how to work it…or worse still, if it doesn’t actually work! Sadly, all too many technicians who work for other companies are too wrapped up in getting to their next job to ensure that yours is finished correctly! You will never find that to be the case with our techs.

5. They Don’t Care What You Think

This is one of the worst things of all – many installation companies and their technicians will rush through your appointment and they don’t even care if you are pleased with your experience. Why? Well, partly because they are ready to rush on to the next client, but partly because they charge such low rates and are paid such low rates that customer opinions don’t always sway popular opinion. With such low prices, clients are always tempted to try cheap services despite poor reviews! Here at Gulf Coast, we are extremely proud of our name and the hard work that our techs put into every job that they do which is why we may not be the cheapest installation option, but you’ll always find us to be the best and the most respectful of your time and your property!

Are You Looking For TV Install Technicians Who You Can Trust?

If you’re looking for a reputable and experienced TV install technician who will get the job done and do it right, someone who you can trust letting into your home, and someone who offers a warranty on their services, give us a call today. Our team here at Gulf Coast Installations are ready to help, just dial 239-682-1077 and we’ll get your installation taken care of in no time at all!