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TV wall mounting installation requires a TV wall mount – sometimes referred to as a TV bracket – that is reliable, sturdy, and designed for your television. When the mount that you choose plays such an important role in your television installation, it’s only natural that you might have questions. So today, we’re answering your questions about TV brackets/TV mounts.

TV Wall Mounting Installation: Answering TV Bracket FAQS


Q: What Does VESA Mean?

A: When shopping for your TV mounting bracket, you will see a reference to the “VESA standard.” VESA stands for the Video Electronics Standards Association and refers to the distance (in mm) between the mounting holes on the back of a television. There are multiple VESA standards. You should always use the VESA standard of your television when shopping for a mounting bracket otherwise the mounting bracket you purchase will not fit the mounting holes on the back of your television.


Some television mounting brackets are adjustable meaning that they are compatible with different TV VESA patterns. If attached properly, these mounting brackets are secure, but if not installed properly, these mounts can pose problems.


Q: Does a TV Mounting Bracket Have To Be Invasively Attached to the Wall?

A: Yes. Some people worry about whether they can have a TV bracket mounted in their home when they rent the property because some rental properties have rules forbidding anything from being screwed into the wall. A TV mounting bracket MUST be firmly affixed to prevent your television from falling and injuring someone, this means that if you have regulations at your rental property that prevent you from screwing anything into the wall, that wall mounting your TV is not a good option for you.


Q: What Type of TV Wall Mount Should I Get?

A: There are a lot of different types of TV wall mounts available. You can choose a tilt only wall mount, a wall mount that extends from the wall, or a fully articulated wall mount that can move in all directions. The type of wall mount that is best for you is the mount that best suits your needs! For example, if you have a smaller space, you may not need a fully articulated mount that pulls away from the wall. In a smaller space like this, a tilt only mount may be a better choice.


Q: What Advantages Are There To Having a TV Wall Mounted Instead Of Sitting Your TV On An Entertainment Center?

A: The advantages to a TV wall mount or an entertainment center depend on your circumstances. For example, in a small room, wall mounting a television means that you use less floor space for furniture because you don’t need an entertainment center. Wall-mounting a television can also be a good option if you have seating around the room that may not be able to see the television if it is facing just one direction. Using a TV mount, however, allows you to move the TV screen in any way you like so that it is visible to anyone anywhere in the room.

On the other hand, a TV entertainment center or tabletop TV may be a better choice for you if you rent your property and don’t have permission to screw anything into the wall. A tabletop installation may also be a good choice for you if you have a large number of components that hook up to your television. Using a tabletop or entertainment center provides more storage space for all of your components.


Q: Is There One Brand Of TV Mount That I Should Use?

A: There are a lot of different TV mounting brackets out there and a lot of different brands. The right brand for you depends on a few things. Firstly, you need a TV mount that fits your television VESA standard. Secondly, buy a television mount from a well-known company. Don’t opt for a cheap knock-off brand of TV mount because the chances are that it is made from cheap materials and is not sturdy enough to last (which means that your TV could fall off the wall!)

Choose a TV mount from a big name, reputable company and pick a mount model that has positive reviews!

Looking For TV Wall Mounting Installation Services?

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