At Gulf Coast Installations, our Tampa installation professionals offer a series of installation services. Where some installation companies limit their services to one option – such as window blind installation – we believe that a true service company should offer much more…so we do!

Tampa Installation Services: 5 Services We Can Help You With

1. Television Installation

If you are used to having a tabletop TV set, you may not realize that TV installation services exist, but they do! Most of the time installers get called in to do wall installations or installations when people want their televisions in places like over the fireplace! This type of installation requires special tools and quite a bit of manpower!

2. Custom Cabinetry Installation

If you aren’t particularly DIY savvy and you have ever tried to install cabinetry by yourself, then you will know that it isn’t an easy job to get cabinets installed so that they are flush against the walls! Plus, when you do make a mistake, you don’t often find out about it until you get all the way to the end and your last cabinet won’t fit! It’s just one of those jobs that is best left to the professionals!

3. Artwork Installation

Artwork installation is one of those jobs that looks deceptively easy and yet it can turn out to be very difficult! Not only do you have to get everything straightened up perfectly, but you also need to make sure that the art you are displaying looks good next to the art you already have up! Our installation experts at Gulf Coast Installations know just how to get this job done and they have helped many a fine art collector to set up professional gallery quality art displays!

4. Window Blind Installation

Window blind installation is another job that can be easy if you have the time for it. But, if you are like most people, you have a schedule that is so packed full, you don’t even have time enough to eat lunch! By calling in a professional installer, you don’t have to worry about those blinds sitting around for another three months while you try to find the time to get the installation done! We can get it done for you in no time at all!

5. Surround Sound Installation

Not all installation jobs are so much about attaching things to the wall! For example, installing surround sound system isn’t just about mounting those speakers in the right place and making sure that they power up! Mounting surround sound speakers is an art because it requires perfect placement for each of your speakers to be sure that you get the full surround sound experience!

When our technicians come to help you with your surround sound system, you can rest assured that they won’t leave you standing there with a remote control in your hand and no idea what to do next! Our techs don’t just install your speakers, they assess your room to ensure that your speakers are going in the right place for the best acoustic experience. Our techs will also make sure that everything is hooked up and working before they leave your home because what good is a new surround sound system if you don’t know how to use it?!

About Gulf Coast Installations

At Gulf Coast Installations, we have been meeting the installation needs of South West Floridians since 1999! Over the years we have come to know many of our fantastic neighbors and helped the to turn new houses into homes and helped multiple generations to settle into their new residences!

At Gulf Coast Installations, we truly love what we do and we feel honored to be part of such an incredible community.

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