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How much does TV installation cost? Today our incredible technicians here at Gulf Coast Installations are going to answer your questions about TV installation, including some unusual questions that we have run across over the years.

How Much Does TV Installation Cost? And Other Questions

Q: How much does TV installation cost?

A: One of the questions that we get most frequently refers to the cost of TV installation. At Gulf Coast Installations, we know how important it is for your budget that you know the cost of your TV installation which is why we make our pricing simple. Unlike other installation experts who change their pricing frequently and tack on added fees here and there, here at Gulf Coast Installations, we offer flat pricing on television installations. Our TV installation fees are based on the size of your television as well as the type of installation you are interested in. You can even contact us ahead of time for a quote on your installation project.

Q: Which type of wall is not recommended for TV wall mount installation?

A: If you plan on having your TV wall mounted, you may be wondering if there is a specific type of wall that you should not mount a TV on. TVs should never be mounted on unstable and unsteady wall or walls that have been compromised structurally. For example, you should never mount your television directly onto a drywall surface without ensuring that the TV is anchored properly because the weight of the television will pull down the drywall and leave you with a broken television and a hole in the wall! That isn’t even mentioning the risk of someone being hurt when the TV brings down the wall!

Q: Can you install a flip down television in my car?

A: No. Installing televisions inside your home and installing televisions in your car are two different processes. While our technicians are expertly skilled at in-home television installation, they are not trained mechanics and do not have the training needed to perform in-car TV installations.

Q: Can I do my own wall-mounted TV installation?

A: It is possible to do your own wall-mounted TV installation, but it is not always the best idea. If you are not a trained electrician and do not have any experience in DIY and electronics installation, it is not advisable to attempt your own installation. Firstly, there is a good chance that something will go wrong during the installation project and you will either break your television, hurt yourself via electric shock, or even bring down the wall of your house.

Q: What is the difference between megastores that offer TV installation and specialty TV installation companies?

A: Many megastores that sell televisions also offer TV installation services, but how are those services different to the services offered by specialty TV installation companies like Gulf Coast Installations? Most times, megastores that offer installation services contract through external installation companies for their installs. The problem with this is that you cannot be sure whether these individuals are background checked before they come into your home. In the event that a megastore uses their own installation technicians, there is still a question about how much education these technicians have.

When you hire a TV installation company to do your installation for you, however, you can easily find out the hiring criteria that the installation company uses by asking what type of screening process they use. While the company cannot give you details on specific technicians, they can tell you whether they perform extensive screening and background checks on their employees.

Hiring a professional installation company also ensures that the technicians who will be entering your home are fully covered by a proper insurance policy so that if something should go wrong during your installation, you don’t wind up paying out of pocket for their mistakes.

Are You Looking For TV Installation Services Around Naples, Florida?

Are you looking for TV installation services in or around Naples, Florida? If so, our team here at Gulf Coast Installations can help! Just give us a call today and make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you and we will get our team over to you to help with your installation!