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When it comes time to hang that new TV outside, it’s essential to follow a few simple steps to ensure a safe and secure installation. This blog post will outline six easy steps for outdoor TV mounting. By following these tips, you can rest assured your new television will be safely up and running in no time.

6 Easy Steps for Outdoor TV Mounting

Outdoor TV Mount

Decide on a Location

The first step in outdoor TV mounting is deciding on a television location. You’ll want to choose an area sheltered from the elements, such as under an awning or roof. It’s also essential to make sure that the location is within reach of an electrical outlet so that you can plug in your TV.

The location should be level and free of debris, so make sure to test it out before mounting the TV. You can use a level or a surveyor’s tool to check the surface for levelness. If you’re not comfortable mounting the TV on your own, you can always hire a professional to do the job for you.

Use a Level to Ensure the Spot Is Even

Once you’ve chosen a location, it’s essential to use a level to make sure the spot is even. This will ensure that the TV is mounted securely and won’t wobble or fall over. You can use a traditional level or opt for a laser level, which will create a more precise reading. If the surface is not level, you may need to use shims or other leveling tools to create a level surface.

The spot will also need to be strong enough to support the TV’s weight. Most TVs weigh between 30 and 50 pounds, so you’ll want to make sure the spot can accommodate that weight.

Mark the Spot with a Pencil or Spray Paint

Once the spot is even, use a pencil or spray paint to mark the location of the mounting bracket. This will help you line up the bracket correctly when you’re ready to install it. Marking will also help to ensure that the TV is mounted in the same spot every time, so you won’t have to worry about it slipping out of place.

The marked spot should be six inches wider than the TV on each side. This will give you enough room to install the mounting bracket and ensure it is secure. It should also be located at least six inches higher than the TV, so you can easily access the connectors and cables.

Drill Holes Into the Surface Where You Marked the Spot

Now it’s time to drill holes into the surface where you marked the spot. Use a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the screws that came with your TV mounting bracket. Drill the holes in a square pattern, making sure not to go all the way through the surface.

As you drill the holes, make sure to keep the TV mounting bracket in place so you can get an accurate measurement. This will help you to avoid drilling the holes in the wrong spot. Use safety goggles and a dust mask when drilling to prevent injuries.

Insert Anchors and Screws into the Drilled Holes

Once the holes are drilled, it’s time to insert the anchors and screws. Place the anchors in the holes and then screw in the screws until they’re snug. Ensure that the anchors flush the surface, so they don’t protrude and cause injury.

Inserting the anchors and screws will help secure the TV mounting bracket in place. Now you’re ready to mount the TV. It’s a good idea to have a friend help you with this step, as it can be tricky to hold the TV and mount the bracket simultaneously.

Mount the TV Bracket to the Anchors and Screws

Once the anchors and screws are in place, it’s time to mount the TV bracket to them. Align the bracket with the marks you made earlier, and then screw it into place. Be sure to use a screwdriver or drill to tighten the screws so they’re secure. As you mount the bracket, make sure that the TV is still in place, so you don’t lose your balance.

Once the bracket is secure, you’re ready to hang the TV! Connect the TV to the mounting bracket and then use the included screws to fasten it in place. Ensure that the screws are tight, so the TV doesn’t move around.

By following these six easy steps for outdoor TV mounting, you can rest assured that your new television will be safely up and running in no time. Make sure to choose a level spot and mark the location of the mounting bracket before drilling any holes. Gulf Coast Installations is a full-service television installation company that can help you with all of your TV mounting needs. We serve Naples, Ft. Myers, Bonita Springs, and Estero. We offer free estimates, and our technicians are certified and insured. Give us a call today to get started, (239)-682-1077.