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If you are interested in TV installation services it’s not only important to know what an installer can do for you, but it’s equally important to know what an installer cannot do for you. Here at Gulf Coast Installs, we provide a full range of installation services, but not all TV installation services offer such variety. Even though we do offer a full array of services, however, there are some things that our technicians will be unable to do for you during your installation.

TV Installation Services an Installer Can’t Perform For You

Choose a TV Mount

While a TV installation professional can help you to install a TV mount, it’s up to you to purchase your own  TV mount before your installation appointment. Research online reviews as well as talk to experts at your local electronic store who can help you to decide which TV mount is the best option for your needs. Just be sure to choose a TV mount that will both fit the VESA pattern of your television and hold the weight of your television. If your TV mount is not designed to fit your TV VESA pattern or weight, our installation technician will be unable to help you with the installation.

Complete Your TV Installation Without Your Landlord/Landlady’s Permission

If you rent your home or office you need the permission of your landlord or landlady prior to having any type of installation work done before work can commence. The reason for this is because as the legal owner of the property, your landlady or landlord must be informed of (and approve of) the installation before it takes place. As a renter, you do not have the authority to make the decision for any invasive work to be done on the home. You should talk to your landlord/landlady before you make an appointment with an installation technician and gain approval ahead of time. Calling your landlord or landlady once the installation technician has arrived for your appointment is not ideal because if they do not answer the phone, you will end up without installation and your appointment will have to be rescheduled.

Clean Your House

No matter what type of installation project you need help with, an installation expert cannot clean your home for you. In order to complete your project properly, a technician must be able to get to the area of the wall where you want your television mounted. This means that your technician needs a clear path to that area and that there should be no shelves, pictures, or anything else on the wall that will prevent the technician from doing their job. Before your technician shows up for your appointment, it’s up to you to clear a path and make sure that the wall is completely clear for the TV mount installation.

Take On Other Big Projects Without an Appointment

Installation technicians – just like other professionals – have a day of work to complete. This means that they must abide by their appointment schedule for the day or else someone else is not going to get their installation project completed on time. So, when you make your appointment for your TV installation services, make sure that you tell the technician what you are looking for and include EVERY service you would like to have done. While your technician may be able to take a moment to connect your television to an extra component, they won’t be able to take on any extra projects that will shift their schedule for the day.

Complete the Job While Being Distracted

You TV installation expert is at your home to do a job so it’s important that you allow them to do that job. Your technician will always be polite, but please don’t take offense if your technician isn’t able to hold an extensive conversation while completing your install. It’s also helpful to confine your pets to a secure area of your home so that your installation technician can get your installation complete without being distracted by, tripping over, or being intimidated by your pet.

A Note

Some of the information above may seem a little *harsh* but try to put yourself in the position of your TV installer and you’ll hopefully see that these guidelines are simply tools to help a professional to get a job done. The better the working atmosphere, the more efficiently your installer can get your installation completed.

Need Help with Your TV installation Services?

Do you need help with your TV installation services? If so and you live in southwest Florida, Gulf Coast Installs can help. Just give us a call today at (239)-682-1077 and let us know how we can help you.