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For many people watching TV is a habit. It might be the only thing they do during their leisure time. If you upgrade your living room and replace your old TV with a new one, you might want to consider placing your new TV over the fireplace.

A TV installation over fireplace is a great option if you’re looking to hide wires and free up space in your fireplace room. There are a few things you may need to consider before you install a TV over the fireplace.

TV Installation Over Fireplace

As you decide on installing your TV over the fireplace, consider the following:

1. Am I going to use the fireplace for heat in the winter? Will I use the room with a fireplace in it to watch TV during the summer months? Will I want to do both?

A fireplace provides an excellent solution if you use it for heating during the cold winter months. So, enjoying a warm fire and your TV mounted above the fireplace during the winter will surely be something you want to do.

However, the room with your fireplace and new TV might not be as enjoyable during the warm summer months if you don’t have A/C or proper ventilation.

2. Will I watch my new flat-screen TV with the fireplace lit?

If you are watching TV during a fire, you should consider installing a glass door on your fireplace. This is for fire safety and the final touch that makes your living room stand out from the ordinary room with a television mounted over a fireplace.

You won’t believe how great it looks when the room is dark, and the fire is lit, but you can still watch TV.

3. Is there such a thing as too much space between my flat panel TV and fireplace?

When you hire Gulf Coast Installations for your tv installation over fireplace, we professionally mount your TV with the perfect amount of space between them.

It will create an illusion of depth and make your television look like it is floating above the fire.

Also, this isn’t so much of an issue with today’s ultra-thin TVs, but aesthetics still plays a significant role in the overall result. It is best to limit the space between the television and fireplace.

4. What about swing-out TVs?

You can use swinging pendulum-style television mounts as an alternative. These are perfect if you plan to watch the fire and tv from different positions in the room during winter. Depending on the position of your fireplace in the room and whether or not you have sliding glass doors, a swinging arm can allow for viewing from outside the room as well. This is great if you’re sitting on your lanai or in the pool and want to watch the tv mounted above your fireplace.

They swing out on hinges and can be retracted when not in use. Some units even have remote controls for easy operation.

5. Be careful with cords!

Many people place their TV above the fireplace because they don’t want it to take up space elsewhere in the room. With the advent of flat-screen TVs, cords are often an eyesore.

If you want to keep them hidden, HDMI cables are your best bet. These look nice when installed properly. Also, they provide a better picture quality than other cables.

6. Let the experts handle things!

Many companies specialize in installing a TV above fireplaces. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, then this is your best option. Some people try to get away with placing their television above the mantel or hanging it from the ceiling.

There’s a much better way! By hiring professionals, you will get an excellent installation.

We suggest seeking professional help when installing a TV over a fireplace

At Gulf Coast Installations, we mount TVs, mirrors, art, fixtures, and more. You won’t stress over how your TV will look and perform above the fireplace. All you need to do is give us a call, we will exceed your installation and service expectations. You can reach us in Tampa @ (727)-710-5224 or (239)-682-1077 for Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, and Ft. Myers