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Have you ever thought about the possibilities when it comes to TV wall mount installation? Most of us tend to think about mounting TV’s at home in our living room, but there are actually a few more nifty little spots in your home where a mounted TV can be useful or just plain entertaining!

TV Wall Mount Installation: 5 Locations Where You Can Install Your Mount

1. The Kitchen

Perhaps one of the most common uncommon locations for mounting a television to the wall is in the kitchen. Now, when most people think about mounting a television in the kitchen, they think about having a TV over their breakfast bar to watch the news as they eat their breakfast. There is actually another way that you can utilize that mounted TV in your kitchen, though, for recipes! Properly places in your kitchen, a mounted TV is perfect for following along with Food Network recipes as they play live or for looking up recipes on a browser and following along that way!(We prefer using videos, it’s much easier to follow along!)

2. In Your Crafting Room Or Workshop

While we’re on the topic of recipes, another great place to have your TV mounted to the wall is your crafting room or workshop…yes, even if your workshop is in your garage! Like cooking, crafting and DIY are often easier when you have tutorials to follow along and the best way to do this is to stream them on your TV! Mounting your TV on the wall makes it easier to see these tutorials but it also keeps them from splatter or damage.

3. In the Playroom

TV for kids isn’t just about cartoons to keep the kids entertained, it’s also about educational programming. Having a TV mounted on the wall of the playroom is a great way to make educational programming accessible at home without the risk of damaging the TV and without the kids changing channels to something you’d rather they not be watching!

4. In Your Office

Depending on your job, having a TV mounted on the wall of your office can be quite beneficial. Traders can have a conveniently placed screen to check on stock prices while news analysts can follow up to the minute news without having to step away from their desk. Perhaps best of all, though, is that you don’t have to sacrifice one of your monitors or computer screens to do it!

5. Bathroom

Lastly, and perhaps one of our favorite places for a TV to be mounted for entertainment and practical purposes is in the bathroom! Yes, there are bathroom mirrors that come with a TV inlayed into the mirror, but the average homeowner doesn’t have the kind of budget for that type of luxury purchase. The next best thing (and a much more affordable option!) is to have your flat-screen TV mounted to the wall so that you can still watch your favorite shows while you relax in the bath or catch up on the morning news while you get ready for work!

Mounting Your TV

Mounting your TV to the wall in any room of your house isn’t always as easy or as aesthetically pleasing as you may think and it often requires a skilled hand to get the job done. This is particularly true if you aren’t experienced with DIY or you tend to rush through jobs once you start them. Mounting a television requires patience as well as a plan of action which is why it’s generally best to leave the job to the professionals. Our team can get your TV properly installed for you so that you have peace of mind knowing that it won’t come tumbling off the wall. We also offer added services designed to make your installation more aesthetically pleasing including cable covers that conceal cables that would otherwise be visible. If you aren’t sold on the idea of cable covers, we recommend going with our in-wall wiring option that will keep your cables and wiring hidden behind the walls of your home creating a cleaner looking environment.

Are You Interested in TV Wall Mount Installation Services

If you live in or around our service area and need professional help to install your mounted TV, we’d be happy to help! To make an appointment with our installation experts, just give us a call today at 239-682-1077!