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One of the most popular searches on our website is “mount TV from ceiling”. It’s also one of the most commonly asked questions when we consult with clients about their TV mounting needs. Ceiling mounting was a novel trend when it started but these days it’s more reminiscent of the bar or restaurant scene. That said if you do want to mount your TV from the ceiling, take a look at these FAQs and their answers.

Mount TV From Ceiling: Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I Ceiling Mount My TV?

A: TV’s can be ceiling mounted, but we don’t recommend doing the job yourself. In fact, we recommend that all TV mounting be done by a professional to ensure that the TV is anchored properly, but particularly when that TV is mounted from the ceiling.

Now, given the choice, we would recommend wall mounting your TV rather than ceiling mounting it unless you are having it mounted in a commercial location or in an area like an outdoor lanai. The reason? You want your TV to be at eye level so that everyone can view the screen without straining their neck. Plus, you don’t want your living room to resemble the neighborhood bar with a TV hanging from the ceiling!

Q: Can I Mount My TV on the Ceiling Above My Bed?

A: No. Most people wouldn’t risk mounting a television over their bed because of the fear of it falling – imagine the pain you feel when dropping your phone on your face times a million. If the fear of your TV dropping on your face doesn’t worry you, though, you should also consider the fact that ceiling mounting your TV is going to bring your TV screen much closer to your face. Having the TV closer to your face isn’t just going to make you go cross-eyed after a while, it can also give you migraine headaches, neck strain, and impact your vision.

If you are really sold on having a unique setup for the TV in your bedroom, we recommend setting up a projector, it’s safer for you and allows you to scale the image of the screen to a comfortable size.

Q: Are There Any Alternatives to Ceiling Mounting My TV?

A: There are a number of alternatives available! You can use a projector like we mentioned above, you can use a wall mount, or you can use a free-moving tilting mount mounted towards the top of the wall. A projector will offer more versatility and safer viewing for true overhead viewing. A wall mount is going to be a more comfortable installation with a wider viewing field. The free-moving tilting mount allows for more versatility and variation in viewing angles.

Q: Are There Any Risks to Ceiling Mounting a TV?

A: When you’re talking about a mount that hangs perpendicular to the ceiling and holds your TV as if it were hovering, there are relatively few risks involved so long as you have a trained professional install the mount for you. If, however, you’re talking about having a wall mount on the ceiling so that your TV is horizontal to the ceiling, things get pretty tricky. Firstly, there’s the weight issue and possibility of the TV coming unmounted and falling due to the constant force of gravity on the TV. Secondly, there’s the close proximity of the screen which we mentioned above. Thirdly, there is the risk of damaging the TV itself. Televisions were not meant to hang horizontally. The constant force being applied to the screen from behind the TV is eventually going to warp your TV screen. There is also the possibility of overheating since you are leaving such a little gap for venting internal heat. As heat builds up, the internal mechanics of your TV are going to become damaged and unable to work efficiently. This will eventually lead to your TV burning out completely.

Mount TV From Ceiling Alternatives

If you are looking to get your TV mounted from the ceiling by a professional installer or if you are looking for ceiling mounting alternatives, Gulf Coast Installations can help. We have a team of experienced television installation experts who can take care of your TV mounting project ensuring that it’s securely anchored and ready to watch! To make an appointment with one of our installers, just give us a call at (239)-682-1077.