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As the top flat screen TV mounting service in southwest Florida, we here at Gulf Coast Installs get asked a lot of questions about flat screen TV mounting so today we wanted to share a few of the most asked questions and their answers.

5 Flat Screen TV Mounting Service FAQ’s

1. How Do I Select the Right Mount For My Flat Screen TV?

There are a few things to consider when selecting your flat screen TV mount. The first thing you need to look at is the placement of the holes on the back of your TV. The distance between these holes is measured in millimeters and referred to as the VESA measurement. This will help you to choose a mount that fits your TV. Next you want to consider what type of mount you want for your TV. Lastly, make sure that your mount is able to support the weight of your TV properly.

2. Is it Safe to Mount My TV?

Mounting your TV yourself can be precarious, but if you hire a professional TV installation company, you don’t have to worry about a thing!  In fact, mounting your TV on the wall means that it’s out of reach of small children’s hands that may pull it off a tabletop. Using a professional installation expert, you ensure  that your TV is secured firmly to the wall in a mounting bracket designed to hold it.

3. Do All TV Installation Companies Offer a Warranty?

No. Not all TV installation companies offer a warranty on their services, but it’s important that you find a company who can provide you with a warranty for the services that they provide you with. Here at Gulf Coast Installs, we offer a three year warranty on our services because we are confident that you will be satisfied with our service!

4. How Many Years Will My Wall Mount Last For My TV?

A good quality wall mount that is the right size for your TV and is properly installed by a professional installation expert will last a lifetime. We do recommend getting a new mount when you purchase a new TV though because it’s important that your mount always fits your TV properly and is able to hold the weight of your new TV.

5. How Do You Hide the Cables When You Wall Mount My TV?

There are two ways that we can hide the cables for your TV when we mount it on the wall and the method we choose is up to you assuming that where you want your TV mounted is amenable to in-wall cables.  Hiding your cables within the walls is more invasive, but it creates a much cleaner appearance. If you’re renting your home or don’t want to go behind the walls with your cables, we can use cable covers to camouflage your cables instead!


Looking to Hire a Flat Screen TV Mounting Service in Southwest Florida?

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