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Art installation is one of the many installation services that we offer here at Gulf Coast Installations. Over the years we’ve seen many installation projects that just needed that extra something, but we’ve also seen some really great art displays too. That’s why today we want to share some of our favorite art installation improvement tips with you!

Art Installation: 6 Ways to Improve Your Art Installation Project

1. One Big Picture

Instead of going with many different small or different sized pictures, why not try going with one incredibly large picture and making it the center focal piece? If you are printing up one of your own pieces or a photograph, this is easily done by printing to a large canvas or having a quality printer print out and frame your piece for you! Of course, you have to keep in mind that to do this, you are going to need a fairly large blank wall which can be a problem if it’s the wall you use for your television or storage shelves. If you do have the space for it, though, it’s a great way to do something different with your art pieces!

2. Fill the ENTIRE Wall

Most people set up a small section of their wall or just use the main part of the wall to display their art pieces. We suggest using every part of the wall! Make sure you leave an inch or two between pieces but otherwise use all of that wall space! We’re talking about putting frames over the door frame, on the side of the door…everywhere you can! It’s a unique way to display a lot of art and to keep memories alive if you use framed photographs! Just be sure to affix those pieces to the wall VERY securely because when you have that many frames on one wall if they’re not fixed firmly, one falls and the rest will start falling as well!

3. Use Unique Embellishments

Depending on your taste this may or may not be for you. In many crafts shops, there are decals, wooden accent pieces, and other embellishments that you can use to decorate the empty space between your art pieces. One way of doing this that we’ve seen a number of times before is to add in family vinyl stickers and decals around framed family photos or adding in vinyl quotes that fit the theme of the art pieces.

4. Frame Colors and Patterns

If you’re afraid of having too much artwork on one wall, try framing a solid color or lightly patterned fabric or paper and using it to break up the photo or art display. This way you can still fill that blank space but you aren’t making things look quite so busy! We recommend picking fabrics or papers that incorporate colors from your prints or art pieces so that your display all ties together.

5. Use Framed Art as a Frame

If you want to place a mirror on the wall but also want to display some of your framed art, we recommend placing the mirror at the center and creating a “frame” around the mirror with the framed art pieces. This will create a focal point on the wall and help you to keep a symmetrical pattern if that’s what you’re going for! You don’t have to use a mirror to do this, either, you can use a larger art piece as your centerpiece and create a pattern around this by working from the inside outward.

6. Incorporate Your Art Into A Mural!

This idea requires that you have more than a little artistic talent, but if you do, it’s a great way to showcase your art within your art! Design and paint a mural on the wall that accommodates blank spaces the size of picture frames. Then take your framed art and hang it in these blank spaces that you have created. One of the more popular methods of doing this is to paint a family tree on the wall space and make it look as though the framed hung pictures of family members are hanging from branches of the tree.

Do You Need Help With Your Art Installation?

If you need the help of professional art installation experts, our team here at Gulf Coast Installations can help! Just pick up the phone and give us a call at 239-682-1077 and we’ll set you with an appointment that’s convenient for you!