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What do we mean when we talk about TV mounting? Often here on the Gulf Coast Installs blog, we talk about “TV mounting“. So, today, we’re going to explain in a little more detail what we mean when we talk about mounting and what other options exist for displaying your television.

TV Mounting: What You Need to Know

Let’s begin with the basic question – what is TV mounting?

When we talk about TV mounting here at Gulf Coast Installs, we are talking about installing your television on your wall or ceiling by using a mounting bracket and wall reinforcements to ensure a stable installation.

What Kind of TV’s Can Be Mounted?

There are relatively few limitations on what type of TV can be mounted, but there are some. For example, although there are curved mounts for curved screen televisions and they can be mounted on the wall, it’s not always the best decision. When mounted, curved screen televisions can look awkward and out of place. Curved screen TV’s look much more a part of the room when they are set on a tabletop or setup with an entertainment center mount.

Extremely large non-flat televisions are also not something that can be easily mounted. Imagine the 400lb projection televisions of days past being mounted on your living room wall! It’s just not possible…nor is it a smart choice!

Alternatives to Wall TV Mounting Your TV

Of course, you don’t have to wall mount your TV, even if it’s the perfect size and weight to be mounted. Whether you have your television mounted on your wall or whether you have it set up on an entertainment center or tabletop is completely up to you! Just use a little common sense in deciding where and how you want to install your TV!

Where Can I Use Wall Mounting?

With the right television and the right mount and the right television installation technician, you can use wall mounting just about anywhere! For example, you can have a corner ceiling mount and mount your television in the breakfast nook in the kitchen where everyone eats breakfast anyway. You may also want to stick with a more traditional wall mount and ask your TV mounting professional to install your television in direct eye line in the living room! Or, you may want to go with something a little more unique and get an outdoor television and mount so that when you’re sitting out on the deck waiting for things to cool down a little more, you can enjoy your favorite tunes or even your favorite soap!

Alternatives to Wall TV Mounting

As we mentioned before, it is possible to have your television installed in other ways if you aren’t happy with the way a wall-mount looks or if you have a television that simply cannot be supported by a wall mount. In these cases, there are a couple of other options: Tabletop setup and entertainment center setup.

When you call us here at Gulf Coast Installs, we give you the option of all of these types of installations and let you decide which is best for you, for your television, and for your budget. Yes, we are always more than willing to give an opinion on what would look best for your space.

Tabletop setup is a rather simple installation procedure and at Gulf Coast Installs, it’ a very affordable way to get your TV setup and your basic functions including basic remote control programming done professionally so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

Entertainment center setup is similar to a hybrid of tabletop setup and wall mounting because it usually involves an entertainment center which has a mount attached to it. Your TV is then affixed to the mount and again, we take care of programming those basic functions and hooking up your connections so that your TV is ready to use.

What Type of TV Mounting is Best?

There is no “best” type of TV mounting, the best mounting option for you is going to be what works best with your television, your budget and with the size of the space that you are working with.

Need a Professional For Wall TV Mounting Services?

If you live in Southwest Florida and are in need of a professional company for TV mounting services, Gulf Coast Installs can help! Just pick up the phone and give us a call at (239)-682-1077 today to make your appointment with one of our experienced technicians.