If you live in Tampa, memorabilia is everywhere, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you were one of the many fans with a collection of your own! But, is your collection of memorabilia displayed in a way that really shows off what it means to you? If not, our team here at Gulf Coast Installations can help!

Tampa Memorabilia: Display Your Prized Possessions With Pride!

Here in Tampa, memorabilia is plentiful. There are celebrity collectibles, sports collectibles, and everything in between, but investing in a collectible is about more than just buying the piece that you want, it’s also about displaying that piece correctly. Yes, we know that you want to show off that new addition to your collection, but have you thought about how you want to show it off? If not, our team of professional installers here at Gulf Coast Installers can help and today they’re sharing a few top tips for your memorabilia display!

Custom Shelving

At Gulf Coast Installations, we specialize in a number of collectible display options, but one of our most popular services is custom shelving. With our custom shelving service, you can have our team build and install custom shelving for you, or if you have already purchased custom shelving, but you haven’t installed it yet, you can call on our team to come and help you to get it all set up!

Custom shelving is a popular display option for collectibles for a number of reasons, but particularly because it allows you to display your collectibles as you see fit in shelving that is built specifically for the size of your collectibles and any unique features in your home. This way, even if you have a small space or an unusually shaped area, you can make use of it as a display area!

Framed Pieces

If your collectibles are art pieces or photographs, you will want to frame and display these pieces throughout your home. There are a number of ways that you can do this – you can create one area that is dedicated to your collectibles and use feature lighting and matching frames to maintain homogeneity. If you prefer something a little more eclectic, you can also go with frames that all bring something unique to the table. We really love the eclectic feel of mismatched frames, but if you prefer to go with a more serious decorating style, there is nothing wrong with matching frames either! And, our team at Gulf Coast Installations can help you to install your artwork with absolute accuracy.

Feature Lighting

Feature lighting is one of the best ways to highlight your collectible display and it can add a beautiful highlight to portions of the room. Just keep in mind that without protective cases, heat and light can warp collectibles, so be sure to protect each piece with necessary care.

UV Protection Is Crucial!

When you create a collectible display, it’s important to remember to provide UV protection for your items. UV protection will keep items from fading in the sunlight and losing their value. UV protection is particularly important for items that are hand-signed, or for art pieces.

Protect Displayed Items From Dirt and Dust

If you are going to display your collectibles on shelves or other furniture pieces, it is highly likely that these pieces are going to get exposed to dust and dirt. Of course, you want to regularly dust these areas of your home, but keep in mind that excess dust buildup can cause deterioration of any signatures and the overall quality of your items.

Invest in Hard Protective Cases When Necessary

There are all kinds of protective cases to choose from, but they aren’t always necessary. If, however, your collectibles are in softer boxes like cardboard, that cardboard can weaken over time and warp due to sun and humidity exposure, so it is better to place these collectibles in hard cases that can protect against this type of deterioration.

Are You Interested in Setting Up A Custom Tampa Memorabilia Display?

If you are interested in setting up a custom Tampa memorabilia display in your home, our team of professionals here at Gulf Coast Installations can help! Just give us a call today at (727)-710-5224 and let us know how we can help you to glorify your favorite collectibles.