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If you managed to grab a great deal on a 4K TV this Black Friday, you may be thinking about the TV installation and setup process. There is plenty to think about, that’s for sure! That brand new killer deal you scored, the incredible picture quality of the screen, which movie you’re going to watch first…but before you get to that, are you sure you want to leave your new purchase sitting on top of your entertainment center like that? Or perhaps you’re using a TV stand with a mount attached to it? While you’re certainly free to do that, here at Gulf Coast Installs we recommend taking some of that money you saved on that doorbuster deal and investing in professional TV installation and setup including wall mounting a 4k TV.

Of course, we’d suggest that, we’re a TV installation company after all! But if we’re being completely honest, we’d recommend the same even if we weren’t. Why? Here are just a few reasons to consider…

TV Installation and Setup: Why You Should Wall Mount that New 4K TV

It Just Looks Better!

When you invest in a 4K TV you are getting around four times the number of pixels than you would find in your average HD TV. More pixels means a clearer picture and more detail. You re investing your money in a television that gives you a better quality picture, so why not put that better quality picture in pride of placement – on the wall in the center of your family room? It’s true, you can just stick that new TV on top of an entertainment center and it’ll still look “fine”, but with a television picture that clear, don’t you want it to look more than “fine”? Don’t you want to have that screen mounted on the wall with all of the messy wiring hidden in the wall behind it? Don’t you want the clean lines and less clutter that you get when you wall mount that screen?

You’ll Get a Better Picture

If looks alone aren’t enough to convince you to wall mount that new 4K TV maybe the better picture you will get will be. In most instances, when you wall mount your 4K TV you are enhancing the picture whereas when you set that TV on top of an entertainment center, you are taking away from the picture quality. Why? When you have your TV sitting on top of an entertainment unit it will often be susceptible to glare from nearby windows and you are limited in just how comfortably you can angle the screen. With a wall mounted TV you can place the screen at the optimal viewing angle and height so that you don’t ever have to crane your neck to see and if you use a fully articulated wall mount, you have much more freedom in altering that angle when guests come over. You can also prevent glare on your screen by having the TV set into the wall or mounted in an area that is not susceptible to glare because of its height.

It’s Safer

If you have pets or small children running around your home then wall mounting during your TV installation and setup will provide a much safer environment for everyone. With a wall mounted TV, no pets can nudge the TV backward when attempting to catch a fly ball on TV, no kids can fall into the screen or pull it over when trying to support themselves in a standing position, and no sticky fingers or smudgy noses can get that brand new screen all dirtied up so that your picture is just not as clear as it should be!

Better Sound Projection

Whether you use your TV’s speakers or whether you use a soundbar mounted underneath your TV, you are going to get a much better quality of sound from a wall mounted tv installation and setup. Since your TV is mounted at the ideal eye level, the soundbar or TV speakers are also going to be at the ideal level which makes a huge difference in the movie watching experience. For one thing, it means that your TV sound is being broadcast out and into the room rather than down and into your carpet!

Need TV Installation and Setup Help?

Whether you grabbed that 4K TV deal this past Friday or not, if you live in southwest Florida and have been contemplating wall mounting your TV, give Gulf Coast Installs a call at (239)-682-1077 and we’ll set you up with an appointment today!