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If your Naples TV installer doesn’t offer a warranty on the services that they provide for you, it’s time to think again before hiring them. Allow us to tell you why…

Why Your Naples TV Installer Needs to Offer a Warranty

What is a Warranty?

Before we start looking at why it’s important for your Naples TV installer to offer a warranty on the services they provide to you, it’s important to understand what a warranty is.

A warranty is a guarantee from a company that promises to replace or repair a product within a defined period of time for a variety of specific reasons.

So what is a warranty when it comes to your Naples TV installer? It means that your TV installer guarantees their work for you. So, for example, here at Gulf Coast Installs we offer a 3-year guarantee on our installation services. That means that when one of our technicians comes to your home to install your TV, the work that they do for you – for example, mounting your TV to the wall – is guaranteed. So, if six months from the day of your installation, your TV mount looks as though it is coming away from the wall because of something our installation expert did or didn’t do, you can call us and we will come to your home and take care of it for you free of charge.

But why is it important for your Naples TV installer to offer a warranty on the services they provide?

A Warranty Shows Confidence in Service

A company who offers a warranty on their services has confidence in the services that they provide. For example, here at Gulf Coast Installs, we offer a 3-year warranty on our services because we are confident in the skills of our technicians. We don’t believe that you will need to file a claim on your warranty because we provide our technicians with an on-going education, the best tools available, and we fully vet each and every technician’s credentials before we bring them onto our team.

A company that is reluctant to provide a warranty on their services, on the other hand, is a company that doesn’t have confidence in their quality of service. They are afraid that you are going to have to claim against that warranty and that they are going to have to provide additional services without making money for the work.

A Warranty Gives You Peace of Mind

When you hire a Naples TV installer that offers a warranty on their services, you don’t have to worry about poor quality installation services. As we mentioned above, a company that has confidence in their employees’ work isn’t afraid to offer a warranty so you can take comfort in the fact that you are working with better-qualified technicians with a high level of skill.

A Warranty is a Legally Binding Agreement

When a company offers a warranty on their products or services, that warranty is a legally binding agreement. That means that should you need to file a claim against the warranty you can and should the company refuse to uphold that warranty, you can take them to court with that warranty in hand. On the other hand, a company that does not provide you with a guarantee on their service can simply refuse to remedy any problems that result from poor workmanship on their part. That means that should your mounted television fall off your wall as a result of poor workmanship a month after your installation, you have no documentation that states that the company will remedy the problem.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have no recourse if your wall or TV sustains damage as a result of the work done for you, but a warranty offers a much simpler solution to problems as well as extra reassurance on top of the insurance your Naples TV installer should be carrying.

Does a Lack of Warranty Mean Your Naples TV Installer is “Bad”?

So, if your Naples TV installer doesn’t offer a warranty on the services that they provide for you, does that automatically mean that they are a “bad” company? Not necessarily.

A warranty on service is a sign of confidence in a business and it’s employees, but it does not mean that companies that don’t offer a warranty are automatically “bad”. These companies may hire exceptional technicians, they may provide top notch service, and they may be the nicest people you’ve ever met. On the other hand, they may also be the worst company there is with poor quality work and untrained employees. So while a lack of warranty does not mean that a company is a poor choice, it doesn’t mean that they’re a good choice either.

If you don’t have experience with a company already, if you don’t know their owner and technicians personally, if the company doesn’t have a longstanding reputation in the community, a warranty on service is an added peace of mind, it’s one step above the rest.

Ready to Hire a Naples TV Installer You Can Trust?

If you’re ready to hire a TV installer you can trust, one who offers a full three-year warranty on the services that they provide to you, Gulf Coast Installs can help! All you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call at¬†(239)-682-1077 and make an appointment with one of our¬†technicians today!