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When it comes to on the wall mounting of your TV, many people don’t stop to ask themselves whether they should mount their TV on the wall. So, before you call on an installation professional, ask yourself these questions first!

On the Wall Mounting: Should You Mount Your TV?

On the wall mounting is a great way to display your TV, but there are some instances where it’s not the best choice. To help you to decide whether on the wall mounting is the best choice for you, consider some of the following questions…

Is Your Wall Strong Enough to Hold the Weight of Your TV?

Although televisions are getting lighter, it’s important to remember that not every wall is going to be strong enough to support a television no matter how light it might be. To hold your TV, you need to be able to screw your TV mount into a stud or two so that it is well anchored. Unfortunately, some people feel that they can use drywall anchors to mount their TV without a problem but this dangerous! Drywall anchors may look secure when you first mount your TV, but the truth is that they are far from safe because even if they look secure, over time, those anchors are going to start slipping and eventually, your TV is going to fall right off the wall.

Is Your TV Suited to Mounting?

When you consider on the wall mounting, it’s important to know the specifics of your television because not all televisions are built with wall mounting in mind. The biggest problem that arises quite frequently is whether or not your TV ports are going to be accessible when your television is mounted. With as many different tech components as most of us have in our household it’s important that we are able to easily access TV ports to plug-in and unplug devices.

What Type of Angle Are You Looking For?

Depending on where you mount your television, the angle that you need to set it at for optimal viewing can differ. While there are a variety of TV mounts available that offer a range of viewing angles, if you have a particularly tricky area of your home, you may find that you would be better simply using a tabletop or entertainment center setup.

You may also find that the only TV wall mount that offers you the viewing angle you are looking for is one that is simply out of your budget and in this case, it’s better to have a tabletop setup for your TV until you can afford the mount that offers you the best viewing opportunity.

Do You Have Space For Components?

Most of us don’t just have a television these days, we also have a cable box, a DVR device, a streaming TV device, a gaming console, a DVD player…the options are endless. If you are considering wall mounting your television, it’s important that you make room for you additional devices too. Do you want to have a shelf underneath or behind the television? Do you have a small cubby in the wall behind the mounted television? Think about where you want to place these componants before you begin with the installation project so that you have a plan!

Do You Have a Plan For Concealing Your Cords?

If you have a minimalist theme in your home, you aren’t likely to want cables and cords running from your wall mounted television down to the power outlets or other TV components. The best way to prevent this is to conceal these cords with specially designed wire concealers that match and blend into your walls. Another way to conceal cords is to install your television so that cords run behind the walls rather than in front of them. If you choose to use the latter method of concealing cords, it’s important that you call on a professional to help you because any behind the wall work or any work involving electricity can cause serious injury and pose the risk of a fire hazard!

Is On the Wall Mounting Right For You?

If on the wall mounting is the right choice for you and you live in West Florida, Gulf Coast Installs is here to help! We have twenty years of experience serving the TV mounting and installation needs of the residents of West Florida and we’d be happy to help you with yours! To make an appointment with one of our skilled installation professionals today just give us a call at 727-480-8358!