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Here at Gulf Coast Installs, we complete plenty of TV wall mounting installation projects throughout southwest Florida. We know firsthand that there are a lot of great benefits to having a wall mounted television as opposed to a tabletop setup television. If you’ve been toying with the idea of having your TV wall mounted, here are a few of the benefits that you can expect to enjoy if you do!

10 Reasons You Should Invest in TV Wall Mounting Installation

1. Less Chance of Your TV Falling

When you have your TV set up on a tabletop you run the risk of it toppling over – particularly if you have pets or young children!) When you have your TV wall mounted instead, your TV is out of the way of grabby hands and waggy tails! TV wall mounting installation is just safer.

2. Less Clutter

If you invest in TV wall mounting installation you don’t have to invest in a large entertainment unit to stand your television on which means that you have much less clutter in your living room. If you have a larger home, this may not be much of a concern, but if you live in a small apartment, you know that every inch of space is valuable!

3. Cleaner Screen

If you have young children who have those grabby hands that we mentioned earlier, then you know all about “mysterious” smudges that show up on TV screens. If you have your TV wall mounted, however, those little hands can’t touch the TV screen and you don’t have to keep wiping off sticky fingerprints!

4. Better Viewing Angle

When you have your TV mounted to the wall in your home, it is mounted at the perfect height and angle for ideal viewing. This means that you don’t have to crane your neck to watch TV, you can just sit back and relax without muscle strain or pain.

5. You Can Hide Those Messy Cables

Quite a few people want all of the benefits of wall mounting their TV, however, they worry about how it will look with cables dangling down the wall. When you hire a professional to wall mount your TV, though, you can still hide those messy cables by having them run behind the wall!

6. Better Viewing Variety

When you have a tabletop setup for your TV and you want to see the television from an angle other than the angle you are facing, you have to physically move your TV. That’s also assuming that your TV cables are long enough to allow for your TV to be turned and shifted. When you have your TV wall mounted professionally, however, all you have to do is choose a fully articulated TV mount and you can easily move your TV to any viewing angle you like!

7. Less Remote Interference

When you have your television set up on a tabletop or entertainment system, you are more likely to experience remote control interference. For example, on a tabletop, your child may leave a toy car in front of the remote control sensor which renders your remote control ineffective. If you have your TV wall mounted, however, this isn’t a problem because your remote control sensor is always in clear view and there is no space in front of the TV to block it!

8. A Wider Viewing Angle

We mentioned before about the increased variety of positions for your TV that come with wall mounting, but did you know that the general field of viewing is larger for a TV that has been mounted on your wall? Since the TV is mounted at a higher view

9. More Modern Decor

If you have a more modern design to your living space and want clean lines and a visually pleasing room overall, TV wall mounting installation can make that happen. With the help of a professional TV installation technician like one of our staff here at Gulf Coast Installs, you can even make it look as though your TV is floating on the wall!

10. Increased Comfort

Investing in a fully articulated TV wall mount and having your TV installed that way allows for better comfort as a viewer. Think about your tabletop installation – there are only a few positions that you can comfortably watch the screen from. For example, if you have your TV in your bedroom, there are only a few angles from which you can lay in bed and still see the screen. Using a complete wall installation service means that you don’t have to be uncomfortable when you’re watching your favorite show!

Need Help with Your TV Wall Mounting Installation?

If you need a professional to help you with your TV wall mounting installation and you live in Southwest Florida, Gulf Coast Installs can technicians can help! Make your appointment today by giving us a call atĀ (239)-682-1077!