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At Gulf Coast Installations, we offer television installation for private homes as well as commercial buildings. You may be asking yourself why you would want to have a TV installation company come to a commercial building, but there are a number of uses for wall-mounted television in company buildings! Let’s take a look at a few of these instances…

Florida Television Installation For Commercial Buildings

What kind of uses would a commercial building have for a wall-mounted television? Here are a few to consider…

Advertisement Display

Have you ever walked past a store or office building and seen one of those large video displays made up of many different television screens? They’re perfect for creating an eyecatching display because they capture the attention of potential customers and they make it easy for businesses to change up advertising campaigns without any additional cost to change that display!

Introduction Screen

Wall-mounted television screens are also a great way to welcome guests into a commercial building. Many offices have a very large screen wall-mounted behind the reception area of the business. This screen is used to play brief introduction videos or slideshows that explain what that business does, how that business can help potential clients, and ven give glimpses of new and upcoming products. This is also a great way to entertain business clients briefly while waiting in the reception area.

Reception Area Entertainment

Speaking of reception areas, not all businesses have a need to advertise their services or products in the reception area, but they do need to offer some type of entertainment to keep their waiting clients from becoming bored or annoyed if they are faced with a delay. This is particularly true in the case of medical facilities where doctors, vets, or dentists often experience delays in their schedule or in the case of businesses whose clientele is mostly children.

Meeting Spaces

Gone are the days of projectors and PowerPoint presentations, these days most businesses make use of flatscreen televisions for presentations. This includes introductory videos for newcomers to a company, promotional clips for businesses selling to other businesses, instructional videos for HR purposes, and videos to educate staff on current figures and new plans of action for the company.

It used to be that large, heavy televisions were wheeled around from room to room on a wheeled trolley similar to the AV clubs of years gone by. These wheeled televisions were heavy and clunky, and they required time to move and setup. That’s not to mention the fact that these televisions had very small screens that offered limited viewing to everyone in the room. With today’s large flatscreen televisions mounted on the wall of your meeting room, everyone gets a clear picture of the screen and there is no need for moving the television from room to room. This is made even more feasible by the low prices of large-screen televisions these days.

Why Use a Professional For Installation?

Why use a professional installer to set up your flat-screen television in your corporate building? We’ve shared a number of these reasons before, but let’s do a quick recap!

  • A professional can set up more complicated screen systems quickly and properly.
  • A professional has insurance that covers everything they do so that you never have to risk anything when hiring.
  • A professional will be able to install your screen while hiding wiring behind the wall to create a more professional appearance.
  • A professional will do all the heavy lifting!
  • A professional has all the right tools and will measure and level your TV so that your company always looks professional.
  • A professional will always ensure that your television mount is best suited to your television screen weight, that your chosen location for installation is strong enough to hold the TV, that your TV is properly anchored, and that there is no chance that your newly installed flat-screen is not going to come crashing off the wall and hurt someone in the process!

Are You Looking For a Florida Television Installation Professional?

If you live in or around southwest Florida and are looking for a professional television installation expert, we can help! Call us here at Gulf Coast Installations today at (239)-682-1077 and we’ll set you up with an appointment with one of our experienced installation professionals when it’s convenient for you!