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When it comes to flat TV mounting, there is much more to it than simply screwing a bracket into the wall. Flat TV mounting requires finding the best position for your TV placement, choosing the appropriate bracket for your TV position, accurately measuring placement for your TV bracket, ensuring the bracket is mounted on the level…and that’s not to mention the process of running wiring behind the wall! That’s precisely why you should give Gulf Coast Installs a call!

Flat TV Mounting Servicing Lee and Collier Counties

Flat TV Mounting Service

Why Hire Gulf Coast Installs for Your Flat TV Mounting Job?

Since 1999, we here at Gulf Coast Installs have been installing TVs of all sizes. The past eighteen years of TV installations have given us experience that you can trust when it comes to your flat screen TV mounting job.

But we know that there is more to your decision to hire someone for a job than their experience, so let us tell you a little more about why we are the right choice for you.

Gulf Coast Installs Gives You an Appointment Time

Unlike many other companies who ask you to wait for them to show up some time between 8 am and 1 pm, we give you an actual appointment time. We don’t expect you to spend half of your day waiting around for us to show up! That’s why we give you an appointment time and we show up on time!

Gulf Coast Installs Offers a Variety of Services

Whether you want your flat screen mounted on the living room wall, your stone fireplace, your outdoor patio or on a ceiling mount, we can get the job done!

Every one of our installation technicians is trained to complete a full range of flat TV mounting jobs and carries the right tools for every job.

Gulf Coast Installs Pays Attention to the Little Things

No matter where you want your flat TV mounted, you can rest assured that we will always leave your home just as we found it. Whether we run your cables behind your wall or simply unpack your TV for you, we will always clean up our mess before we leave!

Gulf Coast Installs Services Are Guaranteed!

Here at Gulf Coast Installs, we offer a 3-year warranty on our flat TV mounting services. We are that confident in the work we provide to you, that we guarantee it for three entire years! We challenge you to find another local TV installation company who offers that type of warranty!

Considering Gulf Coast Installs for Your Flat TV Mounting Project?

Are you considering Gulf Coast Installs for your flat TV mounting project? Give us a call at (239)682-1077 or request a FREE quote below and let us know what we can do to help!

Give us the details of your project and let us provide you with a quote before starting your TV installation. Then we’ll set up a time for your installation project and we’ll see you then!

Don’t worry, we won’t be late and we’ll always honor our quoted price!