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Cape Coral TV installation is just one of the many services that we offer here at Gulf Coast Installs. Whether you are looking for installation of your LED TV, 60″ TV, or even your curved TV, then we can help!

What Cape Coral TV Installation Services Do Gulf Coast Installs Offer?

Cape Coral TV installation with Gulf Coast Installs means getting the job done professionally no matter what type of TV you own.

We have experience in installing tabletop TV’s, mounting large flatscreen TV’s, setting up 3D TV’s, and even installing the newest curved televisions! It doesn’t matter what type of television you own, we can complete your installation project for you. In fact, there is no television that we can’t install.

It’s not only our ability to install all types of televisions that make us famous when it comes to Cape Coral TV installation, it’s also our mounting ability! We have experience in mounting TV’s on the ceiling, hanging televisions over the fireplace, setting up outdoor TV areas, and even setting televisions in the wall!

It isn’t only our versatility in TV installation that keeps our clients coming back for more, though, it’s also our caliber of service. Gulf Coast Installs is a full-service TV installation company which means that when we provide you with our services, it comes with all of the bells and whistles. From the moment that we arrive at your appointment, we will treat your home as our own and ensure that when we leave, it’s exactly as we found it! That means no debris from TV mounting, no trash from unpacking your new TV, and no layers of dust from mounting the hardware for your new TV!

Unlike other Cape Coral TV installation companies who track dirty into your home and leave a disaster behind when they leave, Gulf Coast Installs takes care to leave your home with no trace of our presence…well, except for that fabulous TV installation!

But wait, there’s more!

Gulf Coast Installs also offers a 3-year guarantee on our TV installation work. Unlike other companies who don’t stand behind their work, we know that our work is quality, so we offer a THREE YEAR guarantee! That means that if within three years, something related to our installation project comes up, you just have to give us a call! Yes, we love our clients just that much!

Think You’d Like to Be One of Our Clients?

If you live in the Cape Coral area and are looking for a TV installation professional, give us a call here at Gulf Coast Installs and we’ll be happy to help!