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Wireless speakers are the perfect addition to your home and office because they offer quality sound without the hassle of wiring running through the walls. With so many wireless speaker options available, however, how do you know which ones to choose from? Don’t panic, today we are going to share with you five of our favorite wireless speaker options!

1. The Sonos Play Wireless Speakers

The Sonos Play is available in various sizes for different sized spaces, we recommend the Play I for smaller rooms and the Play 5 for larger spaces. The Play is an affordable sound solution and when paired it offers a great quality of sound. For the smaller of the two speakers you are looking at a price point of just under $200 and for the larger you will need to splash out a little more at $500. Although this may seem expensive, it’s actually quite reasonable for professional quality sound. Plus, don’t forget, you don’t have to run wiring through your walls and these speakers can be relocated throughout the house if you choose! Oh and did we mention that if you’re looking for something even larger, you can upgrade your Sonos system to a full surround sound setup?

2. The Naim Mu-So Wireless Speaker

For some audiophiles only the best of the best will do. If you are one of those people and the price tag on your wireless speaker is inconsequential, then the Naim Mu-So is for you. This rather large wireless speaker comes at a price of around $1,200, but the sound quality you will get for that hefty price is astronomical. Whether you are setting up a custom surround sound system, looking to stream music, or create ambient noise in your office, there is no doubt that this wireless speaker will deliver. Sure, it doesn’t look sleek or streamlined and some have even compared it to a coffin…but just listen to it and you’ll soon realize that it could look like a bag of garbage and you’d still love it!

3. Fluance Fi70

The Fluance Fi70 is a little peculiar in terms of its appearance, it reminds us of something from the future, but it’s been a big hit among many music lovers. The Fluance Fi70 costs around $500, but unlike some of the other wireless speakers options, the Fluance offers a few extra bells and whistles. Obviously, your quality of sound isn’t going to match more expensive models like the Naim Mu-So, but this is a more affordable multi-option sound solution. The Fluance is a Bluetooth only piece and it features six drivers and two sub-woofers making the sound quality pretty incredible!

Need Help Setting Up Your Wireless Speakers?

If you live in the Southwest Florida region and need help installing, mounting, or setting up your wireless speakers, give us a call at (239)-682-1077! Here at Gulfcoast Installs, we know everything there is to know about wireless speaker installation!