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Sports memorabilia mounting is about more than “hanging” something on the wall or putting it in a showcase. Sports memorabilia mounting is about protecting a collectible while showing it off in a way that highlights the unique nature of the piece. Here at Gulf Coast Installs, we are taking on an increasing number of clientele with memorabilia mounting requests, so today we wanted to share 10 tips that you need to know!

10 Things You Need to Know About Sports Memorabilia Mounting

1. Cases Matter

One of the best ways to mount your sports memorabilia while protecting its integrity is to use a wall mounted or anchored case. This protects your collectible from dust and creates a stable enclosure in case of jolting.

2. UV Protection

If and when possible, always opt for casing that provides UV protection! Here in Florida, the sun ruins more sports memorabilia than we care to think about!

3. Always Anchor

Even if you opt for a free standing unit to display your memorabilia, make sure that it is anchored to the wall for safety. This protects against the unit being pulled over and hurting someone and stops your memorabilia from being damaged.

4. Lighting is Important

Just like museums use lighting to highlight their art pieces, you should be using lighting to spotlight your memorabilia.

5. Proper Mounting Can Hide Flaws

A professional mounting for sports memorabilia doesn’t just highlight an items collectibility, but it also hides flaws that may detract from an item’s “wow” factor.

6. It’s More Than Hanging a Shelf

There is more to mounting collectible memorabilia than screwing a shelf into the wall! You need to consider other things including:

  • Weight of the collectible
  • Reinforcing mounting hardware
  • Exposure to sunlight
  • Access to electrical sockets if needed

7. Spacing is Important!

When displaying memorabilia of any type, it’s important to consider spacing of your display units or mounting hardware. You want shelving spaced evenly with enough room to hold items without looking crowded. Likewise, display hardware or shelving shouldn’t be crowded into one small section of a large display wall either!

8. Consider Stability

There are multiple ways to go about mounting sports memorabilia, make sure that you consider the stability of the item you are mounting when you choose your display. For example, a baseball would need something to nest on or a specially designed display case to prevent it from being easily knocked off the display.

9. Maintaining Integrity

When mounting any rare collectible, it’s important to maintain the integrity of the item. This means you wouldn’t want to just nail a pair of autographed Muhammad Ali boxing gloves into the wall! Consider how you can protect the signed item from moisture, dust, UV light, and curious fingers!

10. Know Your Structure

It seems obvious, but very few homeowners think to check the structure of a wall before they start mounting display shelves or cases! You HAVE to know what’s behind your wall to know whether it can safely hold the weight of your display and whether you are drilling into a water pipe!

Need Professionals to Help with Your Memorabilia Mounting?

If you live in Southwest Florida and need help mounting sports memorabilia, give us a call at (239)-682-1077 and we’ll be happy to help.