Are you looking for TV wall mounting & installation tips? Who better to get them from than the top TV installers in Southwest Florida? Check out some of our top tips for mounting and installing your TV at home!

20 TV Wall Mounting & Installation Tips From Professional TV Installers in Southwest Florida

1. Always use a stud finder to locate a stud for securely mounting your TV. Keep in mind that stud finders can be tricky and sometimes they interpret drywall seams as studs, so always double check your stud before you start mounting.

2. If you can’t seem to find a stud using your stud finder no matter what you do, don’t panic. Find an outlet on the wall and remove the cover and you should locate a stud there. Almost all outlets on your wall will identify a stud location.

3. Hide your wiring! Whether you hide wiring behind the wall or whether you make use of a cable cover or an IWPE (in-wall power extension), make sure that you keep that wiring hidden out of view or you’ll regret it later.

4. If you hide wiring behind the wall make sure to run extra cables for expansion. This will make adding new components to your television much easier in the future because you’ll have HDMI cables in place for them already!

5. Go long or go home! When buying wiring for hooking up your new TV or entertainment system ALWAYS get longer wires than you think you will need. Pulling short wires won’t make them longer and keeping them taught can eventually lead to disaster.

6. Don’t overload your outlets. It’s a simple enough tip and it seems like common sense, but you’d be amazed at how many homeowners plug extensions into extensions and overload both of them with various digital devices. This isn’t just a fire risk but it also puts all of your devices on one circuit so a power surge will damage them all at once.

7. Use a level through ALL parts of the installation process. Whether you’re marking the spot for your mount, checking your bracket, or mounting shelving to hold your components, make sure that EVERYTHING is level.

8. If you are hiding your wiring behind the walls make sure that the low voltage cables you purchase are rated for in-wall usage or you will end up running into a number of potential hazards.

9. If you use an in-wall power extension make sure that you only use it in a single stud bay and NEVER use it for an above the fireplace TV installation. To be sure that you are using your IWPE correctly, make sure that you read ALL paperwork and cautions that come with your purchase.

10. If you cannot mount your large TV mount to studs on both sides, make sure that you use a mounting plate or cleat to secure your mounted television. Never secure a large TV mount on just one side, this will not be stable enough to keep your TV in place safely.

11. Double check your VESA size before picking out your TV mount! The VESA size refers to the placement of the holes on the back of your TV and it correlates directly to the mount that will fit your TV properly. Using the wrong mount and forcing it to fit will wind up with your TV crashing to the ground or at the very least, getting damaged.

12. Tighten ALL of your screws! Another simple tip, but you’d be surprised how many homeowners undertake TV wall mounting & installation and fail to tighten their screws as much as possible even when it risks the TV falling off the wall!

13. If you are mounting your TV over your fireplace we always recommend having a professional do the job for you. If you don’t have a professional do the job, don’t forget to provide proper heat ventilation to prevent your TV from being damaged by the heat from your fireplace.

14. Make sure that you are mounting your TV at the right level to avoid straining your neck or having trouble seeing the screen. Ideally, you want your television in your natural eye line. Sanus offers a great tool to identify the right mounting height for your TV on their website.

15. Consider mounting a sound bar at the same time that you are mounting your television. This will provide great sound for a wall-mounted television and some TV mounts even include additions for soundbar mounting so you can save yourself some installation work.

16. Know what you want from your TV mount before you buy it. There are three main types of TV mounts – the fixed, the tilt only, and the fully mobile. Decide which of these will work best for your project AND which will fit your TV best.

17. Before you do anything, make sure that you have access to power for your mounted TV. Yes, you can run wiring, but you want to make sure that you have a source to run that power from and that it’s a source that can support the power you are drawing.

18. Don’t be a cheapskate! Whether you’re buying cables, wiring, IWPE’s, or TV mounts, don’t go cheap. You want a product that is well made, sturdy, and that has a guarantee behind it.

19. Have someone on hand to help you with the installation process. You won’t just need an extra pair of eyes, but you’ll need an extra pair of hands to mount that TV too!

20. Lastly, if you have no idea what you are doing, don’t do it! Mounting and installing a television involves working with electricity as well as mounting a very heavy object to the wall. If done incorrectly you can ruin your TV, or worse, injure or even kill family members!


Rather Leave Your TV Wall Mounting & Installation to the Professionals?

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