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If you’ve never hired someone to help you with a TV installation job before, you may not know what you should expect from your wall mount TV installation service appointment. Today we’re sharing a few tips to help you to know what you should expect from your installation experience with us.

What to Expect From Your Wall Mount TV Installation Service Appointment

On Time Technicians

Here at Gulf Coast Installs. we value your time and the time of our technicians which is why we give our clients specific appointment times. We don’t want you to have to wait at home all day for a short appointment with us and we want our technicians to plan ahead for their appointments, that’s why we give appointments and show up on time every time!

Friendly Service

All of our installation technicians here at Gulf Coast Installs are hired for their skill, but their friendliness is an added bonus! We know that inviting anyone into your home is a very personal experience and we like to know that you feel comfortable with our technicians when they come to help you with your install.


Your home is your home and it can feel very intrusive when a stranger comes through your front door, especially when they treat your home as if it were their own! We believe in good manners and treating all of our clients with respect and part of that means clean installs! When our technicians come to your home, they are always cognizant of the cleanliness of your floors, limit and clean up any wall debris from your mounted installation, and always remove packaging that results from our services. By the time we leave your home, the only sign that we’ve been there should be the perfectly mounted TV on the wall!

Affordable Service

Our installation services are affordable because we, like you, are hard working people. We know that you don’t have extra money to pay for inflated fees because we don’t either! That’s why our installation service fees are priced with affordability in mind, but that doesn’t mean that our quality of service is anything less than our competitors!

Quality Assurance

We have confidence in our installation technicians because we hired them for their talent, but we want to be sure that you have that same level of confidence in our service! That’s why we offer all of our clients a three-year warranty on our installation services. We know that our service is the best, but we don’t expect you to take our word for it, so we guarantee the integrity of our services for a ridiculous THREE YEARS! You won’t find a guarantee of that length with any of our competitors!

Looking for Quality Assistance with Your Wall Mount TV Installation Service?

If you live in the southwest Florida area and need help with your wall mount TV installation, pick up the phone and give us a call here at Gulf Coast Installs at (239)-682-1077! Gulf Coast Installs proudly serves Naples, Ft. Myers, and Bonita Springs.