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At Gulf Coast Installations we have completed many a TV wall installation project and we have seen many different setups – some with unique and interesting features. Today we’re going to share a few tricks that we’ve seen over the years!

TV Wall Installation: Tricks For Unique TV Displays

So, you know that you want your TV mounted to the wall in your home, but you don’t have many ideas on how to make your TV setup look visually appealing…try one of these ideas!

The Floating Entertainment Panel/Center

If you’re looking to avoid a lot of bare wall space or if you need more room for organization, start shopping floating entertainment centers! Similar in function to your traditional entertainment center, the floating entertainment panel lacks the base that you find on traditional entertainment units, and instead it anchors to your wall giving it a floating appearance. This is a great solution if you have a unique decor style since¬†you can cater this option to any decor style you choose. This is also one of the best choices if you want to wall mount your television but you have a lot of components that will need storing because it has plenty of shelving and storage space.

Free-Floating Shelving

Free-floating shelving is similar to the floating entertainment center option, but it’s a little less intrusive. With this option, you use a traditional TV mount to mount your TV to the wall, but you then use floating shelving to create storage space for your components like your cable box, etc. As with the floating entertainment center, you can style your shelving to suit your decor style. One of the things we really like about the free-floating shelving, however, is that you can install mood lighting or lighting that’s synched to your TV underneath the shelving to give it a unique appearance. You also have a lot more freedom to customize your setup when you use free-floating shelving versus the floating entertainment panel. You can decide what shelving goes where which is ideal if your components are of various sizes and depths.

The Hidden Mount

Something unique that we’ve run into a few times is the hidden TV mount. This isn’t that common, but if you’re looking for unique, this is something worth checking out! The hidden mount allows you to mount your TV and the backside of the mount has a framed photograph. So, when you’re not watching TV, you flip the mount around and push it against the wall and no one can see your TV! Ready to watch TV again? Just pull out the mount, flip it around, and you’ve got a TV again! This is a slightly expensive option so it’s not ideal if you’re on a budget, but it’s a fun solution if you are looking for unique and it’s also perfect for those of you who are going for a minimalist look.

The Inlaid TV Mount

This TV mounting solution requires a little planning ahead or a little luck when it comes to your home’s design. This option allows you to mount your TV on a fully articulated TV mount. The mount fits on your wall as any mount would do, but you attach it to a section of the wall that is sunken in. This allows you to push the mounted TV flush against the wall when it’s not in use and it gives you the impression that the TV is simply part of the wall. This is one of our favorite options for clean lines and to avoid losing any depth in your room (so it’s good for smaller spaces!), but it is one of the most costly choices when it comes to mounting, so it’s not for everyone!

The TV Wall

If you are a tech family or if you just want to try something fun and budget isn’t a factor, you could always go for the TV wall. No, we’re not talking about the gigantic TV that takes up the whole wall, we’re talking about utilizing multiple TV mounts to secure multiple screens to the wall so that you can stream more than one channel at once OR you can create one large screen from multiple smaller screens! Just keep in mind, if you want to use multiple TV mounts, you have to have multiple televisions to go with them so this can be very pricy!

Do You Need Professional TV Wall Installation Help?

If you need professional TV wall installation help from an experienced company that you can trust, call Gulf Coast Installations today! Just dial 239-682-1077 and we’ll set up an appointment time that’s convenient for you!