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How to install Apple TV is a topic of much conversation now that so many of us are still working or teaching from home! It also happens to be one of the many affordable installation services that we offer here at Gulf Coast Installations. We know that with so many different TV types, sizes, and streaming options available that it can be hard to figure out how to get each one hooked up to your entertainment system. Fortunately, there are companies like ours out there who exist to help you with all of your installation needs!

How to Install Apple TV, Our TV Installation Experts Explain

So, you’ve got yourself set up with a new Apple TV, but you’re not sure how to get it hooked up to your TV. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Today we’re going to cover a basic “how-to” lesson, but if you’d much rather have the pros do the job for you just give us a call here at Gulf Coast Installations and we’ll have one of our team members out to you in no time!

Step One

The first step in installing your Apple TV is to unpackaged the device and plug it into the wall. This will supply your device with a power source.

Step Two

You want to take a quality HDMI cable and use that cable to connect your TV and your Apple TV device. We recommend using an HDMI cable that is designed to support 4K and HDR, this will ensure that you can watch 4K and HDMI movies and TV with a quality picture and stable streaming.

Step 3

Now that your Apple TV is connected to a power source and to your TV, you need to turn on your TV. Using the “source” button on your television remote you should now switch the source channel that you plugged your Apple TV into. This should pull up the setup screen.

Step 4

Now using your Apple TV remote control, you want to select your native language for your Apple TV and turn on the Siri function so that you can use voice control. If you make a mistake and select the wrong option while choosing your language, just click the menu button and it will return you to a previous screen so that you can choose again.


Now, there are two ways that you can proceed.

Firstly, you can use your iOS device to transfer information automatically to your Apple TV. To do this, use your Apple TV remote to select “Use a Device” to setup. Now, unlock your Apple phone or tablet and hold it next to your Apple TV box. This will begin a series of prompts on your iOS device and your TV screen. Just follow these directions to connect to your WiFi network and sign in to your iOS account.

The second method of proceeding with the setup is to enter your information manually instead of transferring it directly through your iOS device. When you select manual setup using your Apple TV remote, you will see a series of prompts on your television screen. These prompts will guide you in the setup process and allow you to connect your Apple TV to your home internet connection and your Apple account.

Keep in mind that for this step you will need to have an Apple account set up already. Setting up an account is relatively fast and free and you can customize your personal account settings.

Step 6

The final step in this process is to set up your Apple TV account by personalizing your settings, adjusting what is viewable on your home screen, and downloading any apps that you might want to use. It’s also helpful to sign into all of the apps that you set up and save that login information so that you don’t have to log into your account each time you switch on your TV!

Looking For Help Installing Your Apple TV?

If you’re looking for a professional company to help you to install your Apple TV or to help with any of your other tech installation needs, Gulf Coast Installations is here to help. We have been helping Floridians in South West Florida to install their technical gadgets and televisions since 1999 and we’d be happy to help you too! Just give us a call today at 239-682-1077 and let us know how we can help you!