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Are you considering TV on the wall installation at home yourself? We definitely don’t advise it because there are so many risks that come with doing your own TV installation! That said, if you do decide to give it a try yourself, here are a few tips that should help!

7 TV on the Wall Installation Tips

1. Don’t Use Hollow Wall Anchors!

Do not use hollow wall anchors when wall mounting your TV because they will not support a TV wall mount and your TV will fall off the wall!

2. Defeat Those Textured Walls with Cardboard

When using your stud finder on your mounting area, if your walls are textured, you will have a difficult time getting the stud finder to work properly. Avoid this happening by placing a flat piece of cardboard over the wall and running the stud finder over the cardboard. It will still detect studs but won’t run into trouble with the wall texture.

3. More Cardboard for Placement

When you’re trying to place your TV, cut out a piece of cardboard the same size and use that to mark the wall for mounting and anchoring. This eliminates you having to juggle the TV itself when getting ready to mount it on the wall.

4. Make Sure Your TV Mount is Right for the Job

You not only want to make sure that your TV mount is the right size and ability to hold the weight of your TV, but you also want to ensure it holds your TV at the right angle. Do you want tilting function or just a stable TV mount? Put thought into the mount you choose before you get started.

5. Don’t Depend on Your Stud Finder Alone

Your stud finder isn’t always 100% accurate so once you have located the studs, use a nail to double check whether it is, indeed, a stud before you start drilling holes.

6. Never Eyeball It!

No matter how straight you think you can hang something, NEVER eyeball it! If you don’t have a level to mount it level, go out and pick one up or you’ll regret it later when your TV is hanging crooked.

7. Always Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

When it comes to your TV mount, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! It might look easy enough to do without instructions, but you’d be surprised how many things can go wrong when you just “wing it”.


Not Sure About Doing Your Own TV on the Wall Installation?

If you’re not too confident in your ability to do your own TV installation and you live in South West Florida, give us a call here at Gulf Coast Installs. We’d be happy to help, just reach out and call us at (239)-682-1077!