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Here at Gulf Coast Installs, we believe that all of our clients deserve fair pricing and respect no matter what size of installation job they need doing and today in our discussion of the TV install price guide, we’re taking a look at some of the factors that might influence the cost of your project.

TV Install Price Guide: Why You Might Be Paying More

The Size of Your TV

One of the most common reasons that you may pay more than a friend for your TV installation is the size of your TV. If you have a larger television, even if you need the same services as your friend, you are looking at an increase in cost. Why? Because larger TV’s are much harder to install because they require additional support, more hardware, and more manpower to get the job done. This added time, labor, and equipment cost results in a slightly higher cost than those televisions that are smaller but undergo the same installation process.

Where You Want Your TV Mounted

We’ve all seen some really creative television setups that incorporate lighting, music, movement, and the like. These TV mounting opportunities – although fun to complete – require special attention and often demand special equipment, which results in a higher cost for service.

For example, a television that is going to be mounted on the living room wall is going to be more affordable as a project than a television that is going to be mounted in an enclosed case that stores inside the end of the bed frame. Obviously, these two examples are drastically different, but in some cases, even smaller differences ie:  moving the install from one wall to another, can increase the cost of installation.

The Type of TV You Want to Be Installed

Depending on the services that an installation company offers, you may find yourself paying more for the installation of a specialty type of television than you would for a basic television to be installed. For example, if you have a traditional flat screen television that is to be mounted on the living room wall, you will pay less for that service than you would for the installation of a super-sized projection screen and projector in your home. Keep this in mind when you are selecting your next television!

The Company You Hire

Different companies have different approaches to pricing and that pricing is also influenced by the volume of business that comes through that business’s doors. When it comes down to it, you are likely to find the following to be true:

  • A new installation company will often have a lower TV installation price because they are new to the area and need to drum up business.
  • A reputable installation company may charge more for their services because they are overloaded with installation projects due to their reputation. Higher pricing in this instance may help to filter out prospective jobs so that the installation company can be more organized and efficient.
  • A company with a bad reputation that is barely clinging to life in the community can price their services one of two ways – they can price low in hopes of drumming up more business so that they can pay their expenses, or they can price high in hopes of covering their expenses with fewer customers. In this situation, it’s prudent to do your research on a company to ensure that you hire a reputable company who can complete your install with quality products without charging you an arm and a leg to get it done.

The Caliber of Staff Working For the Installation Company

A TV installation company may charge a higher or lower TV install price based on the caliber of staff that they have working for them. Here at Gulf Coast Installs, we employ only trained professionals who have undergone a background check. This ensures that our technicians are always knowledgable about TV installation processes and that you are always safe in your home when you let our technicians through your door. Not every company takes experience and safety so seriously and as a result, they hire untrained individuals who may not have undergone a background check. While this can reduce overhead costs and ultimately how much you pay for installation, at Gulf Coast Installs, we don’t believe that cutting costs in the name of safety is ever worth it!

With Our TV Install Price Guide in Mind, Why Not Hire a Reputable Install Company to Help?

If you live in or around southwest Florida and you need a reputable installation company to help with your TV installation, just drop us a line at (239)-682-1077. We’ll get you set up with an appointment right away and you’ll have that TV setup in no time at all!