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Whether you are considering doing your own new TV installation yourself or whether you have made the decision to call in a pro and just want to know what’s in their toolbox, today we’re spilling all the secrets!

New TV Installation: Tools Needed For TV Installation

So, you’ve decided that installing your new TV is going to be the first DIY project that you take on this coming year but it’s your first ever DIY project and you really have no idea what tools to have on hand for the job. Perhaps you already made the decision to call in a professional installer to do the job for you but your inner HGTV lover wants to know what kind of tools that professional is going to bring to do the job. Whichever category fits you, today we’ve got the answers.

Your Wall Mount Kit

It’s an obvious one, but you can’t wall mount your TV without a wall mount kit – that is, the mount itself and the hardware that comes with the mount for attaching it to your TV and the wall.

A Level

One of the worst things you can do when you install your TV using a wall mount is to guesstimate whether or not the TV is level. Why? Because the chances are that 99% of the time it won’t be level and you’ll wind up having to do the job again or have to stare at a crooked TV for a long time to come. A level will help you to keep your mounted TV on the level. An electronic level is best, but you can also use a traditional level or a smartphone app.

A Pencil

Yes, you need a pencil to mark the pilot holes for mounting the bracket to your wall when mounting your TV. No, you don’t want to “handle it” by trying to drill into the wall while holding the mount in place.

A Stud Finder

When you wall mount your TV you want to be sure that it is securely anchored to the studs in the wall. This gives it the support it needs to hang freely without bringing down the wall!

When you buy a stud finder, be sure to purchase a good quality tool because cheap stud finders can result in disaster! Even if you have a good stud finder, be sure to double and triple check before you start drilling holes!

A Drill

A good drill is a necessity for most projects in your home and wall mounting your TV is no different. Be sure that you have your drill handy, the necessary bits for your drill, and that your battery is fully charged so that you can get the job done right and don’t have to stop to charge halfway through!

A Tape Measure

This is another “no-brainer” tool for installing just about anything! When you install your TV, though, you always want to be sure that it’s well-centered on the wall and a good height for viewing. A trusty tape measure will get the job done.

Keep in mind that while any measuring device might do in a pinch, you really need a tape measure and NOT a measuring tape to do this job. The difference? The tape measure is the hard tape that retracts into a plastic or metal housing. The measuring tape is the soft tape that tailors use to measure for clothing. You can see how one would be more useful for TV mounting than the other!

Other Tools

Other tools that you may need depending on the job include a socket wrench and sockets, and a screwdriver set.


And one more “tool” that you HAVE to have when it comes to wall mounting large televisions – a second pair of hands! Wall mounting your television is not just about screwing a mount into the wall and slipping your television into it! There is a lot of lifting and awkward positioning involved and it’s definitely a job that you shouldn’t try to tackle alone.

Make sure that the extra pair of hands that you have to help you with your TV mounting job is someone who is physically capable of helping you!

Do You Need New TV Installation Help?

Do you need the help of a professional to get your TV installation taken care of? If so and if you live in South-west Florida, Gulf Coast Installations can help! Call us today at (727)-710-5224 to make an appointment with our skilled team of installation specialists at a time that is convenient for you.