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As professional television installers, our team here at Gulf Coast Installs know how to install a TV wall mount – we’d be in trouble if we didn’t! But we see many clients who have tried to install their own TV wall mount before calling us to help them set things straight when they went wrong. That’s why today we’re going to cover a few important do’s and don’ts when it comes to installing your wall mount for your TV.

How to Install a TV Wall Mount: Do’s and Don’ts to Remember

Do Your Research on TV Placement

Before you have an installation expert come and install your television, take some time to find the perfect area of your home to mount your TV.

Remember, your TV should be mounted to studs to give it more stability.

You also want to be sure that there is no direct glare from the sun shining directly on your TV screen when it is mounted – this means avoiding walls that are directly across from large windows!

Keep in mind too, that you need to mount your television at just the right height so that it can be comfortably viewed from around the room and it does not cause any neck strain for those who are sitting directly in front of it while watching. Try making a cutout of your “television” and taping it to the wall, this will allow you to get a good idea of what mounting height is best for you!

Don’t Trust Any Installer to Install Your TV Mount For You

We all know that handyman who is the self-professed expert in everything, but before you hire him to install your new TV mount, do a little research! Does this handyman actually have experience with this type of job? Are they licensed to do this kind of job? Are they INSURED to do this kind of job? Because if this handyman isn’t professionally trained and they don’t have insurance…well, you are likely in for very big trouble!

Do Research Your TV Mount Before Buying

When you decide to wall mount your television, you need to do your research before you buy a wall mount. While researching there are a few things that you should be looking for…

Brand – does the brand have a reliable reputation? Is that brand compatible with your television?

VESA Size – does the VESA pattern match that of your television? The VESA must be compatible in order for a mount to fit a television!

Weight Capacity – does the wall mount support enough weight to securely hold your television in place?

Weather Conditions – is your TV wall mount compatible with the environment where you will be installing it? For example, if you plan to mount your TV outdoors, is the mount rated for outdoor use? If not, your mount will quickly succumb to the elements and your television will come crashing down!

Don’t Be Afraid to Call in a Professional

You feel pressured, like you are supposed to know how to install your own TV wall mount, but honestly, you have absolutely no idea what you are doing…Don’t panic, you aren’t the only one! In fact, we’ve seen a lot of customers who have tried to install their own wall mounted TV only to have things go wrong. When we ask what happened, some of them will sheepishly tell us that they felt like they had to do the installation themselves and so they tried. Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s perfectly okay if you need to ask for help when it comes to installing your TV wall mount! Don’t feel pressured into attempting a job that you don’t know how to do just because you think people expect it of you! You’ll have a much more difficult time explaining why things went wrong than you will explaining why you called in a professional to get the job done right the first time around!

In short – we can’t all do everything. We trust a mechanic to fix our cars, why not trust an installer to install your television?

Need Assistance Installing Your TV Wall Mount?

If you need assistance installing your TV wall mount and you live in south west Florida, we can help. Just give us a call today at (727)-710-5224 and we’ll get you set up with an appointment at a time that is convenient for you!