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When it comes to TV installation Naples residents can trust with their TV installation needs, Gulf Coast Installs is considered to be top of the pack! But why is a professional installation company like Gulf Coast Installs a better choice than the handyman you usually call for those “simple” jobs around the house? Let’s take a look!

TV Installation Naples and Why Your Handy Man Isn’t Cutting it

…Because Installing a TV Isn’t Just a Little Bit of DIY…

While you may call in the handyman down the street to help you to replace a bulb in your outside lamp or you may have them help to paint your fence, installing a TV isn’t the same caliber of job and shouldn’t be trusted to an amateur. Unlike other DIY jobs, installing a TV requires a lot of understanding of physics and proper handling of electricity. Most handymen don’t have this type of training and instead, they’re used to watching videos on YouTube and copying what they see. This is a bad reason for a number of reasons:

  • Most handymen aren’t aware of how to properly anchor and support a wall-mounted TV to secure it firmly to the wall!
  • Most handymen don’t have a license in electrical engineering which means that should you want to run wiring behind the wall in your home, your handyman simply has no idea what they are doing. This also means that you are putting yourself, your family, and your home at risk due to unprofessional wiring work inside your home walls!
  • Most handymen don’t recognize that TV’s can’t just be anchored to a wall, they require special types of reinforcements that ensure that your new TV doesn’t come crashing down and bring your wall down with it!

So…do you still trust that handyman and their lack of TV installation knowledge to handle your latest investment?

…Because Code and Safety Matter…

As mentioned above, when you hire an amateur to install your home TV you are trusting the installation job to a (likely) unlicensed individual who has limited knowledge of electricity. This isn’t just a problem because it can create hazardous home conditions, though, but it can also violate safety and building codes in your residential area. What does this mean for you? Well, aside from the risk associated with safety violations, it also means fines for you as a homeowner.

…Because a Quality Installation Company Guarantees Their Work

If you fail to invest in TV installation Naples residents recommend, you are also left without any guarantee on the work that has been done for you. Considering that your installation expert likely has very poor quality installation skills and while those skills can save you money in the short term, they will certainly cost you in the upcoming weeks of months when music makes the walls shake and your TV comes crashing down! So how is a professional TV installation company like Gulf Coast Installs different to that handyman down the road when it comes to quality installation? A reputable TV installation company like Gulf Coast Instals may be a little more costly for your installation up front, but should anything happen in the next three years related to the work that you have had done for you, Gulf Coast Installs will cover it!

Why does Gulf Coast Installs offer such a generous guarantee on our work? Simply because we believe in our technicians, we believe in the quality of their services, and we believe that you will be happy with any installation job you hire GCI for!

…Because Gulf Coast Installs Technicians Can Do It All!

When you hire a handyman to take care of your TV installation, you may find that the services they offer to you are limited. When you hire Gulf Coast Installs technicians, however, you will see that our technicians have just about every installation skill on their resume! That means that not only can you get your TV installed by your technician, but you can also have them set up your surround sound system as well!

Need TV Installation Naples Residents Trust?

If you need TV installation Naples residents trust, Gulf Coast Installs can help you! As one of the most recommended installation companies in Naples, Gulf Coast can take care of your TV installation job in no time at all and get it done professionally! To make your appointment with Gulf Coast Installs today, just give us a call at (239)-682-1077.