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When hiring surround sound installers to install your new sound system you want to be sure that you are hiring the best company for the job. With so many installation companies to choose from, though, how do you know which to trust? As a trusted installation company in Southwest Florida, we know a thing or two about good work so today we want to share a few questions that you can ask to vet your surround sound installers before you hire them! Of course, if you live in the Southwest Florida area you can always just give us a call!

8  Questions to Ask Your Surround Sound Installers BEFORE You Hire Them!

1. Can You Do the Job?

Perhaps the most important thing you need to ask a potential surround sound installation company before hiring them is whether or not they can do the job you are asking them to do. If you have a concept in mind for your home theater and surround sound system then you need to know whether the technicians you hire have the knowledge to do the job, have the tools to do the job, and have the time to do the job. Make sure that you are explicit about what you want to be done!

2. Can You Work With My Budget?

The next most important thing you should ask when you are considering hiring a surround sound installer is whether or not they can work with your budget. Depending on what you want to be done you may be looking at a hefty budget or a relatively reasonable one, but either way, you need to be sure that you can manage the project financially. Ask if the contractor can work with your budget and even request a walkthrough quote if available.

3. Have You Done This Type of Installation Before?

This is especially important if you are hiring a technician for a specialty surround sound system installation project. While an installation professional may be able to do the job and keep it within your budget, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be able to do the job well. Ask if they have done similar projects before and if so, ask to see pictures of the installation job if they are available. This will give you a pretty good idea of what you can expect from your technician when working on your job.

4. Is Your Company Licensed, Bonded and Insured?

When you hire any company or installation technician it’s crucial that you ask whether or not they are licensed, bonded, and insured. Having a license means that the company or technician is licensed to do business in your area. Being bonded means that the employees of the company are “insured” as being trustworthy so that if the installer you hire turns out to be untrustworthy you will be covered for any loss at their hand (for example if they steal from you). Being insured means that should anything happen as the result of the installation process – for example, if the installation technician drops and breaks your speakers – your loss is covered by the company’s insurance.

5. How Long Have You Been Installing Surround Sound Systems?

Experience doesn’t necessarily mean that an installation expert is good at their job, but it is a good indicator. Surround sound installers who have been in business for twenty years, for example, are likely very good at what they do or else they would not have stayed in business for so long! If a company hasn’t been in business for very long, however, you don’t have to rule them out but do ask for references and to see their portfolio.

6. Do You Have Any Suggestions For My Installation Project?

You might have an idea of what you want for your surround sound installation project, but it’s also important to have a professional go over your concept and give you any suggestions that they may have. An experienced installation technician may see technical or logistical issues that you aren’t aware of or have suggestions to make your project go more smoothly or simply look better!

7. Are You Currently Running Any Specials or Do You Currently Have Any Coupons?

It’s not a crucial question when it comes to your surround sound installers, but it is a good idea to ask about coupons and specials because you could end up saving yourself a bundle. Don’t be surprised if there isn’t a way for you to save on installation of your surround sound system, but it’s worth asking because many companies do have money saving options available but they don’t widely advertise them. You can even ask if they offer any type of additional discounts like professional discounts, military discounts, senior citizen discounts, or discounts for specific affiliations. The more you can save, the more upgrades you can add to your surround sound system!

8. Do You Offer a Warranty on Your Work?

It is always best to ask whether or not a surround sound installation company offers a warranty on their services because it will help you to gauge the confidence that a company has in their services. A company that is confident in their technicians and their services won’t hesitate to guarantee their work because they know that the job will stand the test of time. If a company is reluctant to guarantee their work, however, it’s time to move on to the next company on the list.

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