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Home theatre installation is a job better left to the professionals. With that said, it doesn’t stop a good many homeowners from attempting to install their own home theatre themselves. While we always recommend that you seek out the help of a professional when it comes to such a hefty job, we know that we can’t stop you from trying. So today we thought you might appreciate some tips from the pros!

Professional Tips For Home Theatre Installation

Below are some of our most helpful professional home theatre installation tips that will not only make your project go more smoothly, but it will also make sure that the job is done right!

Component Quality Matters!

Invest in high-quality audio and visual components. The better the quality of your products the better the quality of their output. A good home theater setup can only do so much if you are working with discounted or cheap quality equipment. Installing premium components and having an optimal setup is the best way to get the biggest bang for your buck!

Put Some Thought Into Your Theatre Layout!

Make sure that your layout is optimal. That means that you have access to the outlets you are going to need, you are not going to have trouble with glare on the screen from nearby windows, and that speakers will provide a well-rounded sound experience. It might not seem like a “big deal” when first setting up your system, believe us when we tell you that it will matter once you sit down with the family for movie night!

Plan For Future Changes

Consider any future upgrades while setting up your home theatre system. Make sure that you leave room enough to accommodate any of these changes such as a larger sized television screen, larger or more speakers, and added media playing devices.

While You’re At It…

Run wiring you might need later while you are working behind the walls. If you so much as think that you might want speakers in a location of your home, run wiring while you are already working behind the wall and it’ll avoid having to do more invasive work again in the future

Soundproof Your Home Theatre Installation Room

Consider soundproofing the room where you will build your home theatre. When building a home theater most homeowners focus on the audio and video components and nothing else. Investing in sound-proofing your room can have an amazing impact on the sound coming from your system, however. Not only does quality sound-proofing insulate sound so you don’t lose that richness, but it also helps to contain sound so that neighbors don’t complain about the noise!

Consider Seating in More Ways Than One!

Seating is just as important as the theatre components themselves! When it comes to home theatre installation, make sure that you consider seating quality and arrangements too. Not only do you want comfortable seating that can accommodate the right number of people, but you also need to ensure that the position of the seating allows for an unobstructed view of the screen.

Be Sensible When Choosing Audio and Visual Components

Bigger isn’t always better! We all get distracted by the 80″ televisions on display at the store, but be realistic when deciding on the components for your own theater. If you get a screen that is too big for your room viewers will end up sitting too close to the screen and won’t enjoy their experience. If you install too many speakers in a small room, the audio can be too overwhelming and ruin the viewing experience!

Be Safety Conscious

It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of setting up your new home theatre but don’t let that excitement blind you. Pay attention to safety above all else. Don’t use cheap or knock-off cables to save a buck and risk a fire hazard. Don’t pack electrical components together tightly and allow heat to build-up, heat that could damage equipment and put your safety at risk. Don’t “McGuiver” things together to make your home theater system work the way you want it to. There is a reason that things are done a certain way and more often than not, that reason is safety. If you can’t find something that does what you want it to do, find out if there is a reason for it being unavailable.

If You Don’t Know How, Don’t!

Our favorite tip when it comes to home theatre installation or any type of installation is to know your talents and know your limits. When it comes to installing your home theatre, you are going to be working with electricity and if you intend on hiding wiring, you will be working behind drywall too. Electricity obviously holds risks if you have no idea what you are doing, but working behind drywall can have its own risks – for example, cutting through live wiring or compromising water pipes. The bottom line is – if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t think that you can look up a video on YouTube and just do the job yourself. Not only is your personal safety at risk, but the integrity of your home in question as well as the functionality of your new home theatre equipment. It’s simply not worth it to “wing it” to save money if you don’t know what you’re doing because you’ll end up paying more for it in the long run.

Prefer to Have a Professional Do Your Home Theatre Installation?

If you’d prefer to call in a professional for the job instead of risking things going wrong while doing the job yourself,  Gulf Coast Installs can help! Here at Gulf Coast Installs, we have been providing installation services since 1999 so we’d like to think that we know a thing or two about a good installation job. If you’d like to call in one of our professionals to make sure that your new home theatre installation goes right the first time, give us a call at (239)-682-1077!