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As a top Naples TV installer, Gulf Coast Installs has installed many wall-mounted televisions. During those installations, we have also had the opportunity to work with clients on different types of component storage solutions. Today we want to share a few of our favorite storage solutions with you!

Naples TV Installer Shares 5 Solutions For Component Storage

A Single Wall-Mounted Ledge

A single wall-mounted ledge like the OmniMount ECSB Component Shelf Wall Shelf for TVs and Video Accessories is a great solution for if you have a single component like a cable box.

This is a small shelf that can be mounted onto the wall as a free-standing unit underneath your television. The best thing about this shelf is that you can mount it where you like – around or underneath your wall-mounted television – and you don’t have to face dangling wires because you can mount the shelf within close vicinity to your television. If you do decide to mount the shelf further from the television, though, you can use cable covers to keep them covered.

A Larger Mounted Component Shelf

If you prefer not to have the “tech look” in your living room, a larger mounted component shelf that more resembles furniture – like the FITUEYES Wall Mounted Media Console – is a great solution. Still small enough that it’s not too imposing, this floating wall-mounted unit has two shelves with additional small cubbies that are perfect for storing those little extras.

As a larger shelf unit, you are limited in where you can mount this shelf, but it is large enough to support more than one TV component. If you object to seeing a little TV cable against the wall, you will have to use a cable cover, but it’s still a sturdy and visually appealing solution to storage!

An Attached Mini-Shelf

If you don’t need a large storage shelf, another solution to the storage of your components is the mini-shelf that attaches directly to the TV mount. A great example of this is the TV Wall Mount Shelf BLG-00024 on Amazon. A wide enough shelf to hold your average TV component, it’s also still low enough when mounted to hold multiple components one on top of the other.

This is one of our favorite component storage options because you don’t see any cables running from the components to your television. We also like this choice because it connects directly to the television mount and doesn’t require extra holes in the wall so it’s perfect for renters too.

A Full Wall-Mounted Media Console

A full wall-mounted media console is a full sized entertainment unit that still affixes to the wall rather than sits on the floor. A unit like the South Shore 9029676 Floating Wall Mounted Media Console is a little more costly, but it’s a nice looking piece of furniture that has much more storage space than other options.

This storage option is a nice way to store electronics because it features doors that allow you to completely hide your electronic components when you have guests over or when the unit isn’t in use. The disadvantage to this is that you will have to use cable covering to hide wiring that runs from the television to the component unit because it is too large of a piece of furniture to mount high on the wall.

A Traditional Floor Storage Unit

If you’re okay with using cable covering, you can go with a more traditional floor storage unit – an entertainment unit. The advantage to this option is that there are many more choices in design, color, and finish so you can pick an option that matches your decor style.

A traditional floor storage unit is going to take up more space in your home and is going to be more expensive than other solutions, but it is a more widely available option and much more personalizable.

In Need of a Naples TV Installer For Your Wall-Mounting Project?

If you need a Naples TV installer to help you to mount your TV so that you can make use of these great component storage solutions, Gulf Coast Installs can help! Just give us a call today at (239)-682-1077 and we’ll get you set up with one of our amazing technicians to get the job started!