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Mirror installation can create a unique focal point in any room and simply yet drastically change the appearance of the whole home by adding an airy and open feel. If you do decide to use a mirror as a focal point in your home, however, it’s important to install it properly so that you don’t just wind up with a crooked mirror that does little more than reflect how small and cramped your home really is. As the top mirror installation company in Southwest Florida, we thought that it’d be a good idea to drop by and share a few of our favorite tips for mirror installation to help you do the job right.

Mirror Installation: Top Tips For Installing Your New Mirror

You Don’t Have to Stick With Bathrooms When it Comes to Mirrors!

Mirrors aren’t just for bathrooms so don’t feel like you’re trapped when it comes to where to place your mirrors in your home. You really do have free reign over where you place mirrors both in terms of which room you put them in and which area of the room they go in. Think outside the box and use mirrors to open up common areas, hallways, and smaller bedrooms.

Adhesive Looks Pretty But Isn’t As Simple As It Might Sound!

Using adhesive to install mirrors is a great way to install mirrors without ugly brackets being visible. That said, using adhesive to install a mirror isn’t as easy as you might think. No, it’s not just a matter of purchasing any household adhesive and sticking that mirror to the wall! You have to do plenty of research to ensure that you are using the right adhesive for the weight of the mirror you are installing and that it’s suited to the wall surface that you are mounting your mirror on.

Weigh Your Mirror!

You will notice that above we mentioned the weight of the mirror that you want to install, this is VERY important especially when you are mounting large and heavy mirrors. Not only do you need to be sure that the adhesive (or mounting hardware) you use to mount the mirror is rated for the right weight class, but you also need to be sure that your wall can hold that type of weight. Just like television mounting, if you mount a mirror on a wall without the proper anchors you could wind up bringing the whole wall down along with your mirror!

Use Mirrors in Lieu of Paintings

If you have a smaller home that is darker or that simply lacks any type of space at all, turn away from art pieces that could add to the cluttered feeling and instead go for mirrors which will open up the space and give the illusion of it being larger than it is.

Worried About Feng Shui?

Where you place mirrors in your home plays into the idea of feng shui so if you are trying to create a positive flow of energy in your life make sure that you avoid placing mirrors in these areas:

  • In the South (Fame & Reputation)
  • Directly facing the main door
  • Directly facing your bed
  • Above your bed

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Framed Mirrors in Bathrooms!

When we install mirrors in our bathrooms we tend to stick with the more traditional frameless mirror that takes up a large portion of the wall. While this type of mirror certainly serves its purpose, you can add a lot more style to your home decor by choosing a mirror in a skillfully crafted or ornate frame.

Know Your Tools

If you are going to attempt your own mirror installation project, make sure that you have the right tools on hand AND that you know how to use them! It may seem like a quick and easy job to install a new mirror, but even with the right tools, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could wind up cracking your mirror, damaging your walls, or even compromising the integrity of a section of wall.

Need Help With Your Mirror Installation in Southwest Florida?

If you live in the Southwest Florida region and need help with your mirror installation project, Gulf Coast Installs can help! Just give us a call today at (239)-682-1077 and we’ll have one of our mirror installation experts with you in no time!