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Are you considering taking on a large TV installation project yourself? Before you attempt to mount your big TV, there are a few things that you need to know.

5 Things You Should Know When Doing Large TV Installation Yourself

1. Studs Are a Must!

Large TV’s might be getting lighter as time progresses, but they’re still a fairly heavy item to be hanging on your wall. To ensure that your TV is safely mounted and won’t fall, you HAVE to anchor your TV by anchoring your screws to a stud behind the wall.

2. Port Placement Matters

When you wall mount your TV you have to keep in mind the position of your TV ports. You never want to block access to your TV ports or make access more difficult than it needs to be. Mount your TV in a location where you have access to the necessary ports and where you can place additional components without creating an aesthetic mess!

3. Cord Placement is Important

You need to have somewhere to hide away your TV power cord and you need to have a plan before you get started with your TV installation. Are you going to conceal the cord behind the wall? Are you going to use a small cord cover to hide wires in plain sight? Figure out what you want to do before you start because it can affect the order of the installation process.

4. Power to the…TV?

So, you’ve got the mounting bracket, decided where you want to mount the TV, located your studs, but have you thought about the power supply? Before you actually get started with the TV installation process, make sure that you have an electrical outlet nearby and that your TV power cord can reach or be extended to reach.

5. What About Your Components?

Mounting your large TV on the wall might be the focus of your attention, but you also have to consider the various components that you want to access on your TV too. Do you have space set up for your cable box? Do you have somewhere set up to hide that Apple TV while still being able to get the remote control to register? Consider your component placement before you get started!!

Need a Hand With Your Large TV Installation?

If you live in southwest Florida and need help from a professional to get your large TV installation just right, Gulf Coast Installs can help! Just give us a call at (239)-682-1077.