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When it comes to home security installation, Ring Spotlight cam is one product that we regularly install and recommend for clients who are looking to make their home a little safer. How does this cam option keep your home safer? Let’s take a look…

Installation Ring Spotlight Cam: How this Product Makes Your Home Safer

There are many different home security products on the market these days, so why is it that we like the Ring Spotlight Cam?

Multiple Features in One

When they install home security systems, many homeowners wind up installing multiple components which is not just expensive, but it gets quite messy and takes away from the aesthetics of your home. Having a system like the Ring Spotlight Cam in place allows you to incorporate multiple features into one single piece of technology. You still get all the benefits of multiple services, but only have one piece of hardware mounted outside your home!

The LED Spotlight

The Ring Spotlight cam comes with a built-in LED spotlight and the night vision feature of this cam ensures that even when it’s dark and intruders try to stay out of the light, they will still be captured by the night vision camera. Staying out of the light will be pretty tough with this spotlight, though, because this motion-activated light features two bright LED strips that turn on when motion is detected within the wide viewing range.

The Siren

Finding security cameras that feature a spotlight cam isn’t a rare occurrence, but where the Ring Spotlight Cam differs is that it also features a siren! When the spotlight and the 1080p HD camera capture footage, you can remotely sound a siren. The siren is a 110-decibel alarm that is loud enough to scare away any intruders as soon as you receive a motion alert from your camera so that even when you’re out of town or at work, you can keep your home secure.

The Power Options

We also recommend installation Ring Spotlight Cam because it has so many power options so you can customize your camera setup to your needs. The options include solar power, battery power, and a wired camera so you can choose a power option that works for your installation placement no matter where it might be.


This spotlight camera is also exceptionally versatile, especially when compared to other outdoor security cameras on the market. When mounted, the camera can be mounted to both vertical and horizontal surfaces so that it can literally be mounted anywhere! The Ring Spotlight Cam also has a wide-angle camera lens (140° horizontal, 78° vertical) broadening the field of view beyond that of many other cameras on the market. Plus the camera is also much more weather resistant than many other cameras, able to operate at -5°F to 120°F (-20.5°C to 48.5°C)!

Audio Features

The two-way audio system on this camera lets you hear and speak to people who have been captured by the camera but uniquely, this audio system also features noise reduction. A noise reduction feature is a great option because it means that when talking to someone on the other side of the camera, you don’t have to strain to hear what they’re saying or shout to be heard.


Buying a security monitoring system from a lesser-known name can be dangerous, it can mean unreliable equipment as well as a lost investment if the camera system stops functioning for any reason. This is important to keep in mind because these cheaper camera systems are often not properly built to withstand outdoor temperature extremes which causes them to malfunction or stop working altogether. Since these companies know that their products are cheaply made, they also don’t offer a warranty or guarantee on their systems, so when your camera does stop working, you wind up losing the camera and the money you paid for it. Unlike these systems, Ring offers a one year warranty on their Ring Spotlight Cam and a lifetime warranty protecting the system against theft. This means that in the unlikely event that your Ring system does begin malfunctioning, you are covered and you don’t lose everything.

Do You Need Help With the Installation Ring Spotlight Cam?

If you have invested in the Ring Spotlight cam and need help with installation, Gulf Coast Installations can help! Our professional installation experts can get your new spotlight cam set up and running in no time at all, all you have to do is give us a call at (239)-682-1077 and set up an appointment time that works for you!