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Installation of Ring Doorbell Pro: Why We Love the Ring Doorbell Pro!

By January 28, 2020August 29th, 2022No Comments

Here at Gulf Coast Installations, one of the many services that we offer is the installation of Ring Doorbell Pro. Today we want to talk a little bit about why we love this smart gadget and what features you can take advantage of when you pick one up!

Installation of Ring Doorbell Pro: Why We Love the Ring Doorbell Pro!

We install many smart gadgets for homeowners in southwest Florida, but one of our favorite gadgets to install is the Ring Doorbell Pro. Compared to a number of other video doorbells, the Ring Pro has more bells and whistles, is easier to use, and has more features.

In case you’re on the fence and trying to decide between the Ring Pro and another video doorbell, though, allow us to tell you why we love this option so much!

Similarities to Other Ring Doorbell Systems

Firstly, if you’re a previous user of a Ring Doorbell System, you should know that there are a number of similarities between the Ring Pro and other Ring doorbell options. These similarities include:

  • Reliability.
  • Night vision capability.
  • Controllable via an easy to use smartphone app.
  • Motion detection
  • Budget-friendly

What Makes Ring Doorbell Pro Special

So, what is it that makes the Ring Doorbell Pro stand out for us?

A Better Picture Overall

The Ring Doorbell Pro offers you a more limited picture with a 160-degree field of vision, but the quality of the widescreen picture is much improved, so the 20-degree reduction in the field of vision is certainly worth it. It also offers night vision via LED technology which gives a much clearer picture. The Pro also has a picture resolution of 1080p HD, where the original Ring is limited to 720p HD.

Better Motion Detection

While the motion detector on the standard Ring Doorbell is great, the motion detection on the Ring Doorbell Pro is much better. This makes it easier to see what is setting off your motion detector and it means less false alerts due to environmental movement.

Customizable Alerts

Perhaps our favorite feature on the Ring Doorbell Pro is that it has customizable alerts. The Ring Pro sends you two types of alerts –¬† Motion Alerts and Ring Alerts. So if your Ring motion detector picks up someone walking through your front yard, it will alert you with a motion alert. The ring alert is an alert that lets you know that someone has actually pushed your doorbell. Using the app, you can customize these different types of alerts so that each alert plays a different sound so that you can have a better idea of what type of alert you are receiving without looking at the screen of your phone. Additionally, with the Ring Pro, you can setup and control customizable motion zones which allow you to only receive alert messages when movement is detected in a specific area designated by you.

Wired Connection

Where the basic Ring Doorbell uses a wireless connection, the Ring Pro does require a wired connection which we find to be more reliable because you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries. Another advantage to the wired Ring Pro is that it’s ideal for homes that are in more rural areas that have difficulty with wireless signals. Lastly, having a wired system may seem difficult, but it’s not hard for a professional installer to set up and it makes your Ring system much less likely to be stolen or tampered with.

Cosmetic Changes

The Ring Pro also introduces some cosmetic changes that many Ring users love. The Pro system is slightly larger than the traditional Ring system and it also gives you the option of adding customizable faceplates so that your doorbell system doesn’t stand out quite so much! Of course, this can make it a little more difficult for guests to find your doorbell, but it also makes it more difficult for burglars to find your doorbell too!

Need Help With Installation of Ring Doorbell Pro?

If you live in southwest Florida and are looking for a professional installation expert to help with the installation of your Ring Doorbell, Gulf Coast Installations can help! Just pick up the phone and call (239)-682-1077 to make an appointment for installation today!