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If you’re looking to hire a Fort Myers installation company to help you with your installation needs, it’s important that you hire a reputable and experienced company. How do you know whether the company that you’re interested in hiring are a company that you can trust? Well, as the leading installation company in Fort Myers, we’ve got plenty of tips that can help you even if you choose not to hire us!

Fort Myers Installation Company: Screening Your Installation Company

When you hire any type of installation company to come to your home to help you with your installation needs, it’s important that you call on a professional and experienced company, but it’s equally important that you call on a company that you can trust. These are people who you are trusting to invite into your home, so it’s always best to be over-vigilant with your screening criteria because your safety and the safety of your family may be at risk. So, what do we suggest?

The Importance of Background Checks

The first thing that you want to do is to talk to the company that you are interested in using to find out whether they perform background checks on their employees. You won’t find out any details due to privacy issues, but you can ask whether a company does perform background and criminal checks and if they tell you that they don’t, that’s reason enough to pass on that company.

Always look for an installation company that screens its employees so that you can know that you’re not hiring contractors who have questionable intentions and putting your family at risk.


One of the biggest problems when hiring the “guy down the street” is that the average handyman does not carry insurance. When you hire a professional installation company, however, you are able to hire an installation expert who has the proper insurance coverage. This means that in the event that something does not turn out as expected during your installation you don’t wind up holding the bag. Instead of having to cover that expense yourself or having to go through small claims court (and the time and expense of that process) your installer’s insurance policy covers the expense.

You have nothing to lose by hiring a professional installer with insurance and everything to lose by hiring a handyman who has no insurance.

Meet With Them First

Even when you’re in a rush to get a job done, it’s important that you don’t just hire a professional by calling them and making an appointment. You want to know exactly who you are hiring and how you feel around that person you are hiring. Sometimes a professional can be excellent at their job, but for one reason or another, they just make you feel uncomfortable. When this happens you either end up having to pay a fee for calling out the professional installer just to have to dismiss them and have no work done or you wind up feeling uncomfortable for the entire time that you’re having the installation taken care of. To avoid this, just meet up with the installer you are considering before you go ahead and hire them.

No matter how well qualified an installer is if you feel uncomfortable around them, you don’t want to hire them! Meet up with an installer first to ensure that they make you feel comfortable.


It goes without saying that anyone that you hire to perform an installation job needs to know exactly what they are doing. Hiring someone who is not familiar with the type of job you want doing means that you are at risk of having the job done incorrectly and losing a considerable amount of money in the process.

To find out how knowledgable a professional installer is when considering them for a particular job, ask to see a portfolio of their work or ask for references. This will show you what type of work this professional has done in the past and what kind of work they performed on this type of job.

If an installer has no experience in the type of job that you are looking for, you shouldn’t risk it. Instead, keep looking for a professional who knows what you are looking for and who has performed that type of job before.

Are You Looking For a Fort Myers Installation Company?

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