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As the leading antenna TV installation company in Southwest Florida, we here at Gulf Coast Installs often get questions about TV antenna installation. Many of those questions still revolve around the digital TV antenna, so today we want to talk a little bit about that and what it is…

Antenna TV Installation: What is the Digital Antenna?

In June 2009, the digital TV antenna became a “must-have” item for households that previously used the more traditional TV antenna. The reason why the digital antenna became so spoken about is that by June 2009, there was no other way to receive and view local programming. Why? Let’s take a brief look at how TV broadcasting works…

Your television works by presenting a rapid series of still pictures and sounds so that the final result is a moving picture or a movie. This happens when a television camera takes picture and sound and turns them into a signal which is sent to a television transmitter. This transmitter then sends that signal to the receiver in your home TV. The receiver then takes that signal and turns it back into a picture and sound.

Different types of televisions have different components that affect how picture and sound are projected which is why you see a difference between the multiple TV appearances when you go to the “TV wall” in your local electronics store.

In previous years *before 2009) television broadcasts could be made using an analog system. This means that the audiovisual signals being captured by the TV transmitter are then projected to your television receiver using analog signals. Analog signals are a continuous stream of data that varies over time.

In the few years prior to 2009, however, TV broadcasts began to start using a digital encoding system. This digital encoding allowed for more economical use of radio spectrum space and created a better-looking picture overall. By 2009, all television broadcasts were forced by law to be made using a digital encoding system. This switch meant that the traditional analog antennae that people had once been using to receive a TV broadcast signal would no longer receive broadcasts because they were not set up to receive digital signals and analog signals were no longer being broadcast. This required the introduction of digital antennae.

Digital antennae were developed to receive digital broadcast signals and while they receive a different type of broadcast signal, they are essentially the same type of equipment. That doesn’t mean that installing a digital antenna is a piece of cake, though, and many homeowners find the whole installation process too confusing. Fortunately, there are companies like ours who are professionally trained to take care of that installation for you!

In Need of Digital Antenna TV Installation Services?

If you’re in need of a professional installation expert to help you with the installation of your digital TV antenna, Gulf Coast Installs can help! Located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, we can help you with all of your installation needs, all you have to do is give us a call! Just dial (239)-682-1077 today!