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Did you know that as a Florida installation service, Gulf Coast Installs offers more services than television installation? It’s true that a significant percentage of the customers that we provide services to call us in to help to install their tabletop or wall mount TV, but that’s not all that we offer! Today we want to tell you a little bit about the other installation services that we can complete for you!

6 Additional Services Offered by Florida Installation Service, Gulf Coast Installs

1. Artwork Installation

Whether you have framed your recent purchase from Christie’s Auction House or whether you have framed a painting that your four-year-old did, it’s important that your artwork receives pride of placement. Artwork installation is about much more than just hanging a picture on the wall, it’s about level hanging, displaying art at eye level, protecting your pieces from damaging UV rays, keeping artwork away from glare, and ensuring that your pieces are well lit. There is so much more to get right if you truly want to show off that precious art piece. Fortunately, a professional Florida installation service like Gulf Coast Installs can take care of all of this for you!

2. Window Blind and Window Treatment Installation

Installing window blinds and window treatments might seem like an “easy job”, but it’s not an easy task for everyone. No matter why you need to call in a professional – whether you’re short on time, afraid of heights, or just don’t want to do the job yourself – a Florida installation service can do the job for you and do it well.

3. Surround Sound Installation

Sometimes we have clients call us when they decide to take the plunge and invest in a surround sound system. They may already have had us install their television for them and later decided to add a surround sound system or they may simply want to upgrade their current surround sound system. Whatever the reason for you needing help with your surround sound installation, we can help! We can mount your speakers on the walls, on the ceiling, or even just on floor mounts, whatever you need, we’re the ones who can get it done.

4. Kitchen Cabinet Installation

If you’ve never undertaken a DIY job that involves kitchen cabinetry then take it from us, you don’t ever want to! On the surface, installing kitchen cabinets may be one of those things that seems simple, but it takes a lot of skill and precision to get it done…and did we mention that you have to be patient?

If you have had custom kitchen cabinetry made for your home and you need it installed or if you have decided to invest in new from-the-store kitchen cabinetry, it’s wise to call your local Florida installation service for help. You see, there is so much precision required when you’re installing cabinetry that just a fraction of an inch can make all the difference in the world! So, leave the job to the guys who know how to get it done accurately and in a timely manner and you won’t have to worry about crooked cabinets or not fitting your cabinets in their designated areas!

5. In-Wall Cable Installation

When we do television installation, particularly on-wall television installation projects, we always like to be able to install in-wall cable installation. Running your television and audio cables through the wall behind the television doesn’t just keep your home looking clean, it eliminates the danger of cables running across the floor or pooling behind your electronic devices.

It’s important to note here that while we always love to do in-wall cable installation when possible, it isn’t something that is always possible. One example that we run into quite frequently is home renters who do not own the home where they are living. Without the express permission of the HOMEOWNER, we cannot come to your home and complete any installation that changes or influences the structure of the home where you live. It’s always good for us to be able to talk to a homeowner before any invasive installation work anyway because they can inform us of any problems or concerns with the home that we may need to know before we start work. For example, if the house had a rat infestation years prior, that might be a good thing for us to know before we start “breaking ground”.

6. Complete Home Theater Setup and Installation

Sometimes you just need to spoil yourself and sometimes that doesn’t just mean investing in a new television, it can also mean investing in wireless speakers, an amplifier, a subwoofer…you get the point. When it comes to installing these larger home theater setups, it’s always much easier to call in back-up. We can not only be sure that your surround sound speakers are properly placed, but we can also be sure that everything is hooked up correctly and that there is a balanced distribution of sound in your final setup.

Some homeowners call us before they even invest in a home theater setup! This lets them find out more about which systems we recommend and why. This can be particularly handy if you’re just not familiar with electronics or “gadgets” but you still want the best system possible in your home. If you’re interested in our recommendations, just give us a call at (239)-682-1077.

Need Florida Installation Service Professionals to Help You?

If you’re in need of a little help with any of your installation projects, Gulf Coast Installs can help you! Call us today at (239)-682-1077 to see how we can help and to make an appointment with one of our skilled installation professionals!