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If you have ever experienced your wall mounted TV falling off the wall, then you know how devastating it can be. Between the possibility of someone getting hurt and the chance of something getting broken, it’s just not something that you want to happen.

What are some of the most common reasons why your wall mounted TV fell off the wall? Let’s take a look.

1. You Mounted Your TV on Dry Wall Alone

Far too many DIY’ers try to mount their TV like a canvas print. Your TV is much heavier than a canvas and it requires something to anchor it to the wall. If you try to mount your TV on drywall alone without mounting it directly to the wall studs eventually your wall mounted TV is going to come crashing down. Why? Because the weight of your TV is creating a strain on a piece of drywall that wasn’t intended to support such a heavy piece of equipment.

To avoid your wall mounted TV crashing to the ground and tearing a chunk of drywall out with it, give us a call at Gulf Coast Installs and let us do your wall mounting properly.

2. You Use Insufficient Dry Wall Anchors for Your TV’s Weight

If you mounted your wall mounted TV on plaster or older drywall using toggle bolts because your studs were too far apart, there’s a chance that your TV will come crashing down. Most often this happens when you use toggle bolts that are not capable of supporting the load capacity of your TV. While initially, it may seem like the anchors are

holding fine, it is only a matter of time until your anchors have been strained to breaking point.

Have a plaster wall or older drywall and need to mount you TV? Call us here at Gulf Coast Installs and let us professionally mount your TV for you. Not only do we have the right tools, but we guarantee our work for 3-years!

3. Using a Poor-Quality TV Mount

All TV mounts are created equal…aren’t they? Unfortunately, not!

If you tried to save a few bucks by buying a cheaper wall mount for your TV, there is a pretty good chance that eventually your TV is going to fall. Why? High-quality TV mounts use heat treated and powder coated metals that are capable of withstanding the weight and heat of your wall mounted TV. Cheaper wall mount manufacturers often skip these costly steps in production so that they can sell their products for less, but skipping these steps comes at the cost of quality and durability!

Not sure what constitutes a high-quality TV wall mount? Here at Gulf Coast Installs we only use select TV mount manufacturers who have a track record of quality and durability. If you’re unsure of what TV mount to use, give us a call and we will take care of it for you!

Want to Avoid Your Wall Mounted TV Falling Off the Wall?

Afraid that your wall mounted TV might fall off the wall? Call Gulf Coast Installs to do your wall mounted TV installation for you! Our technicians are all professionally qualified and our work is guaranteed for 3-years!

Call us today at (239)682-1077 to make your appointment!