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As the leading Tampa TV installation company, our team here at Gulf Coast Installation love to find out about fun TV hacks that our clients have. Over the years we have heard some really great ones and today we’re going to share a few of our favorites with you!

Tampa TV Installation Company Shares Fun TV Hacks

Burned Plasma TV Screen

If your plasma TV has an image burned into the screen, turn the channel to static and leave it on static for an entire day, this will help to fade the burned image from the screen.

Label Your Wires

When you have a lot of multimedia components and you have far too many wires running behind the whole setup, things can get pretty confusing. We always recommend organizing and tagging wires so that you know what is what. One of our clients suggested using bread tags (the plastic tags you find on bread bags) to easily label wires. The tag fits perfectly over the wire and has enough space to write on it so you always know which wire leads to what. Once you’ve labeled each wire, take cable clips and use them to organize the wires.

Your TV Can Power Your Electronics

Most TVs these days have USB ports built in to them. Use these USB ports to power your electronics so you can cut down the number of wires you have hanging around. Just be aware that your TV’s USB ports are only going to power your electronics when your TV is on.

This is also a great hack to keep in mind when you go on vacation and forget your charger for your phone. Just plug your phone into the TV USB port if you have a USB cable and it’ll charge right up!

Bad TV Picture?

If you have trouble with a bad TV picture or feel like your TV picture could be much better, it could be the result of multiple electronics being too close together. Try separating your components a little more or – if you are very limited in space – take a sheet of aluminum foil and set it between your components. For example, if you have your cable box sitting on top of your DVD player and both are on top of your TV, take a sheet of aluminum foil and put one between each unit. You should notice a good difference in the signal you get after this hack!

Keep Cables From Going Bad

If you have certain cables that you use frequently – for example, if you keep a phone charging cable by your TV and find that over time all of the plugging and unplugging causes the cable to get bent to one side. This bending can eventually cause your cable to stop working. You can prevent this by taking the spring out of a pen and slipping it onto the top of your wire. This spring is small and tight enough to keep your cable rigid so that it doesn’t get worn!

Fix Your Poor WiFi Signal

A lot of our clients keep their WiFi components shelved with their TV and entertainment center. We frequently get asked about weak WiFi signals. We did a little research and asking around and one of our clients told us about this hack – there’s an app called Wi-Fi Analyzer. It will scan your WiFi signal to help you to optimize your WiFi signal and cut down any interference that you are experiencing as a result of your neighbors WiFi setup.

Organize Unused Cables

If you keep unused cables in a drawer in your entertainment center, there’s a good chance that they’re jumbled up and tangled. We’ve talked about how to keep your cables organized when you are using them, but what about when you aren’t using them? Take the cardboard tube from inside the toilet roll and cut it in half. Use a strip of velcro or a twist tie to bundle the cord together neatly and then place it inside the cardboard tube.

If you want a more organized look, you can use a hex organizer that’s intended to organize socks!

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