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Video wall installation can add the perfect touch of professionalism to your commercial building. The key to a professional appearance, however, lies in the quality of your installation job itself. This is why it’s crucial to invest in a professional installation company like Gulf Coast Installs. Hiring a professional for your installation project will ensure that your wiring is hidden, your screens are straight, and your system is programmed for smooth viewing.

Here at Gulf Coast Installs, we have a wealth of experience in the installation and programming of commercial video walls. We pride ourselves not only in the aesthetic appearance of our installations but in our ingenuity when it comes to even the most unusual installation projects!

If you’re still considering whether or not to install a video wall in your commercial building, allow us to share ten reasons why you should!

Ten Reasons Why You Should Get Video Wall Installation For Your Commercial Building

1. A video wall in the lobby is an effective tool for communicating your corporate message to potential clients and to encourage them to purchase additional products or services.

2. Video walls give a professional appearance to even the smallest of businesses.

3. A video wall display at the front facade of your business can draw in more business and promote new products effectively.

4. Video walls in corporate board rooms make presentations seamless and video conference calls more accessible for all in attendance.

5. Professionally wired video walls eliminate technical problems that frequently interrupt or prevent important video conferences.

6. A video wall with hidden wiring is much more confidence inducing for new clients than a roll out TV on a cart or a projector against the wall!

7. Video walls with built in sound systems offer better quality and wider reaching audio.

8. Professional installation of a video wall creates a central focal point for a commercial space that can bring industrial space to life.

9. Video screens used for commercial video walls offer a much better quality picture in comparison to traditional TV screens.

10. Commercial video walls are guaranteed under commercial settings where traditional TV screens are not guaranteed under such conditions.

Looking for Video Wall Installation in Southwest Florida?

If you’re interested in finding out more about video wall installation in your commercial buildings in southwest Florida give us a call today atĀ (239)-682-1077. We can take a look at your space and not only give you a quote, but also recommend the best type of setup for you!