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A professional picture hanging service can come in very handy if you are an art collector, but there are also benefits to hiring a picture hanging service if you aren’t a big collector of art. Even if you have just a few paintings or art pieces that you want to be hung in each room of your house, having a professional do the work for you can help you to avoid a number of pitfalls.

Picture Hanging Service: 5 Reasons Not to Hang Your Own Artwork

1. Preoccupation with Symmetry

We have a tendency to become preoccupied with symmetry when we are hanging our own artwork. Symmetrical things are just more pleasing to our own eye and often, we are afraid to try alternate art arrangements and step outside of our comfort zone. Hiring a professional installation technician come in and take care of your installation for you, however, takes control of that decision away from you and allows someone who has experience with art installation to do the job for you! Yes, you can always ask a professional to change the installation arrangement, but you may just find that you like what they’ve done with your pieces if you give it a chance!

2. Unusual Placement

When we hang our own artwork, we have a tendency to mount our artwork on “gallery walls”. There is certainly nothing wrong with having gallery walls in your home, but sometimes, your home can benefit from a few art pieces in unusual places or at least, less traditional places, in your home. A professional picture installer can come into your home and see exactly where art pieces will shine and which pieces will be best suited to each location. Hiring someone else to take over your art placement is yet another way to step out of the box and we know that you’ll appreciate the change.

3. Attachment

We choose art pieces that we love for personal reasons and sometimes, we can get too attached to certain pieces and it can cloud our judgment when it comes to displaying them. Of course, if you have a favorite painting, you’re going to want to hang it in pride of place in your home, but it could be that particular placement just isn’t right for the painting in question. Having a professional installation technician come into your home and hang your pictures for you takes away some of that attachment and allows your technician to create a display that is beneficial for each art piece that you own.

4. Complementing and Supplementing Pieces

When placing artwork in our homes, we sometimes try to make pieces work together that don’t work together. For example, we may have a love for dogs and have one pop art canvas of a Labrador Retriever and one still life realistic portrait canvas of a bulldog. While we may want to create a “dog room” thinking that these paintings will work together because they have the same theme, an art installer can come in and see that perhaps this isn’t the best arrangement for your pieces. Maybe they see that you have one room that is better suited to bright pop art colors and so they combine your pop art canvas with other brightly colored pieces or match it to brightly colored furniture pieces.

Professional installers bring a new perspective to our artwork and the layout that may best suit that artwork and with experience in the professional art world, they are often able to bring us a new appreciation to our art pieces simply through placement.

5. Bold Statements

We have a habit of becoming comfortable in our surroundings – yes, you should always feel comfortable in your own home, but sometimes that comfort borders on complacency. When you have someone with art display experience, they can come into your home and make a bold gesture in the way that they display your pieces and they aren’t afraid to do so. Of course, it’s possible that you don’t care for the change, but how will you ever know if you don’t try it? You may find that a bold statement is just what you never knew that you needed to get your creativity flowing again!

Ready to Hire a Professional Picture Hanging Service?

If you’re in the southwest Florida area and are looking for a reputable picture hanging service to help you to professionally mount your artwork, Gulf Coast Installs can help! Just pick up the phone and give us a call at (239)-682-1077 and we’ll get you set up with an appointment right away!