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Brick fireplaces are a popular home décor choice, but they can pose a challenge when mounting a TV. Unlike drywall, brick is thick and uneven, making it difficult to find a secure place to attach the brackets. However, with a little planning and the right tools, mounting a TV on your brick fireplace is relatively simple. Here are six steps to follow.

1. Choose the Right Mount When Mounting a TV

Before you even begin to mount a TV on a brick fireplace, you must ensure that you have the right mount. Various mounts are available on the market, and not all will be suitable for use with a brick fireplace. In general, you will want to choose a mount that is designed specifically for mounting on brick or stone surfaces. These mounts typically use special support arms that distribute weight evenly and help prevent the mount from slipping.

Heavy-duty mounts are best for large televisions, while you can use lighter-duty mounts for smaller TVs. Some mounts also come with built-in levelers, which can help ensure that your TV is properly aligned. Look for an expert who offers a wide variety of TV mounts perfect for any space. From fixed to full-motion mounts, you can get an option that will suit your needs.

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2. Measure Twice, Drill Once

Mounting a TV to a brick fireplace can be a great way to save space in your living room. Before drilling any holes, measure the distance between the studs in the fireplace. That will ensure that your TV is mounted securely. After all, once you start drilling into brick, there’s no turning back. So, take your time and double-check your measurements before you begin drilling any holes.

Drilling into brick can be a tricky business. If you’re not careful, you could ruin your fireplace (not to mention your TV). It’s important to take the time to measure twice and drill once to avoid damaging your fireplace.

3. Mark Your Drill Points

Now that you’re confident in your measurements, it’s time to mark the drill points on the bricks. Once again, take your time and ensure the marks are accurate before moving on to the next step. Using a level can help to ensure that your drill points are even. First, use a spirit level to ensure your TV’s top is level. Then, mark the position of the screws you’ll need to mount the TV.

4. Begin Drilling at a Low Speed

Now it’s time to start drilling. Begin at a low speed and increase the speed gradually as you go. That will help to prevent the drill bit from slipping. It’s also important to keep the drill bit perpendicular to the brick surface to ensure that the holes are evenly drilled. Make sure you have the right drill bit for the job and start with a small pilot hole. Once you’ve made your initial hole, enlarge it gradually until it’s big enough to accommodate your TV mount. You can successfully mount a TV on your brick fireplace with patience and care.

5. Insert Wall Anchors

After drilling the holes, insert wall anchors into each one. Wall anchors provide extra support and help to keep the screws from working themselves loose over time. Start by drilling a pilot hole using a masonry bit to insert a wall anchor. The size of the hole will depend on the size of the anchor you’re using. Tap the anchor into the hole using a hammer, then screw it with a screwdriver. Repeat this process until all anchors are in place, then proceed to the next step. Be sure to follow the instructions that come with the anchors for proper installation.

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6. Attach the Mount to The Wall Anchors

With the wall anchors in place, it’s time to attach the TV mount. Begin by holding the mount up to the wall and aligning it with the marks you made earlier.

Use a level for the following

  1. Attach the mount to a drill to create pilot holes in the wall at each marked point.
  2. Insert wall anchors into the pilot holes and use screws to secure the mount to the wall.
  3. Tighten each of the screws to ensure that the mount is securely attached to the wall.

Following these simple steps, you can easily mount a TV on your brick fireplace.


Mounting your TV to a brick fireplace can be incredibly challenging and frustrating if you’ve never mounted a tv before. One of the most important things to remember when mounting your TV on a brick fireplace is to make sure that the mounting hardware is rated for the weight of your TV. Once you have the proper mounting hardware, follow the instructions that come with the hardware to complete the installation.

If you feel that mounting your new tv might not be a challenge that you wish to take on, we can help. At Gulf Coast Installs, we’ve been wall mounting and setting up tvs for over 15 years. We proudly service Naples, Ft. Myers, Estero, and surrounding areas. Give us a call now for a free estimate, (239) 682-1077.